Singing Soft Kitty Plush out now!

Singing Soft Kitty Plush

The singing Soft Kitty plush doll is now in stock and shipping at The collectible 10-inch doll will give you all the comfort of a feline companion, without any of the mess. When you squeeze its paw, it sings the Soft Kitty song to you.

Sheldon's mother would sing the Soft Kitty song to Sheldon when he was sick as a child. The song has appeared in numerous episodes of the show, first appearing in the episode "The Pancake Batter Anomaly". The lyrics to the song are: Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur, happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr.

  Posted October 20 2011 in The Big Bang Theory.

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Dennis Pope United States, 13:02 Jun 2 2013.
The song (Under the title "Warm Kitty") appears in a 1937 book titled, "Songs for the Nursery School" Used copies can usually be found rather inexpensively. I reviewed it on Amazon. The book May be of interest to "Big Bang Theory" fans.
auntie jo United States, 09:03 May 27 2013.
I love this song. I'm going to teach it to my great-nephew. He's just learning to talk. Really wish they had one with either Sheldon or Penny singing the song.
mwangi United States, 16:07 Jan 3 2013.
the song realy toutch me and i wish one day penny and sheldon cooper will sing it to my child.
Deutschland Germany, 09:41 Jan 24 2012.
Hier in Deutschland gibt es das mal wieder nicht ey-.-*
Simon United States, 21:17 Dec 14 2011.
I will not buy until one comes out with Sheldon's voice!!!!
CG United States, 23:12 Nov 14 2011.
This is so awesome!! Love it!! But would love to have one with Sheldon's voice as well!!
merle biberfield United Kingdom, 06:13 Nov 7 2011.
How do you get one of those kitties to Liverpool UK? The BBT kind of knocked Malcolm in the Middle to the outfield for me!
Tristan South Africa, 16:05 Nov 1 2011.
That is so fracking awesome!,does it come in the Zazzles version too?
Splinter United States, 21:04 Oct 27 2011.
My daughter, 10, who is learning violin, worked the song out by ear on her instrument, and can now play it with full chords and harmony.
jinki United States, 15:03 Oct 27 2011.
is there one with Sheldon singing it? i like penny too but the first time it was sang was by Sheldon. i want sheldon!!

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