Episode 5.08 Ratings: Record Thursday Ratings Posted November 4, 2011

Episode 5.08 Ratings: Record Thursday Ratings

Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory dominated its timeslot, was the highest rated show of the night and broke its previous records in its Thursday night timeslot.

"The Isolation Permutation" was watched by 15.98 million people, up by around 1.4 million people from last week, and attracted the show's largest Thursday night audience ever. Last night's episode was also the show's most watched episode since 3.17 The Precious Fragmentation, which aired Monday, March 8th 2010 in the 9:30 slot following Two and a Half Men.

The show scored a 9.4/15 rating in households, equalling the Thursday high set by the fifth season premiere. In the important adults 18-49 demographic, The Big Bang Theory set another Thursday high with a 5.4/16 rating.

More about the episode

'The Isolation Permutation' - Season 5, Episode 8
Airs November 3, 2011 at 8/7c on CBS.

When Amy's feelings are hurt after Bernadette and Penny shop for wedding dresses without her, a reluctant Sheldon must comfort her.

Comments (38)

Boney Canada, 23:15 Feb 4 2016.
Having Glioblastoma myself, I found Amy's comments moving. Not in a good way.
Tanwir Humayoun, London  United Kingdom, 13:30 Nov 21 2014.
What a rubbish role and acting by kaley (Penny) pharmaceutical study @in front of men stripper and acting poor. Mr Chuck please get more real and make penny real instead of reluctant. And make sense of penny role.
Marissa United States, 15:17 Mar 19 2014.
Saw an episode in syndication last night that used glioblastoma as a punch line and am disgusted. There's nothing remotely funny about it which furthers my opinion that this show sucks.
Laura Segrott United Kingdom, 17:24 Feb 2 2014.
Absolutely nothing funny about glioblastomas if someone you love is diagnosed with it.
Maria M. United States, 14:33 Feb 2 2014.
Very disappointed to learn that the show used Glioblastoma as a punch line! This fatal brain cancer is not a joke! It's a horrible disease that takes away every thing from its victim! My dad has it and it's so hard to see it impair his speech, arms and legs, memorIes... every thing!
Angela United States, 14:19 Feb 2 2014.
I absolutely LOVE this show, but just saw this episode for the very first time last night and was very disgusted by the fact that the writers felt the need to make glioblastoma a punch line. I didn't even know what this was until a month ago, but MAYBE you all should be a little more thoughtful as to what fatal diseases you're making a joke of considering ppl dying of that very thing and their family just might be sitting around the television watching it at that very moment??.... I had to get up and walk away as I immediately started to cry. Way to go TBBT writers.. You don't have to add horrible things like that to make ppl laugh.
Ace Italy, 19:02 Nov 23 2011.
Alexander Graham Bell? (14th min) Are you sure about it? =]
Osman United States, 15:33 Nov 23 2011.
This was not good at all. What are the writers thinking? This entire season is bad. Less girl problems and more science! Too many characters and none of it is good.
Monica Farias United States, 20:14 Nov 20 2011.
My favorite show! Brilliant writing and actors. I bought t-shirts for Xmas gifts for friends and family because I turned them on to The Big Bang. We look forward everyday to laughing at re runs and downloading season 5. Thanks!
eugenio Spain, 17:52 Nov 8 2011.
the show is still funny more or less, but I agree that it's becoming more a 'normal' sitcom. I don't know if it's because the producers-writers are unable to do new original and funny nerdy stories or because they want a wider range of viewers.

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