Episode 5.11 Ratings Posted December 9, 2011

Episode 5.11 Ratings

Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory finished first in its time slot and was the most-watched and highest-rated show of the night.

"The Speckerman Recurrence", the last original episode of 2011, scored an 8.8/14 rating in households and was watched by 14.42 million people, down by 630,000 viewers from the last new episode. In the important adults 18-49 demographic, The Big Bang Theory scored a 4.7/14 rating, down from 5.3/15 on November 17. The show finished first in its slot by all key ratings metrics.

More about the episode

'The Speckerman Recurrence' - Season 5, Episode 11
Airs December 8, 2011 at 8/7c on CBS.

When Leonard is contacted by his high school bully, he wonders whether to meet his old tormentor. Meanwhile, in light of what Leonard's going through, Penny reevaluates her own behavior at school.

Comments (62)

fan fox Canada, 23:05 Jan 13 2012.
I agree that this episode was very weak. What's happening to the 1/2 hour show I used to look forward to every week? Enough with the serious! Get back to the comedic please!
jason  Suriname, 18:31 Jan 12 2012.
tbbt is soooooooooooo coollll to look on t.v hahahahahaha and sheldon is the bommmmmm
Len Czech Republic, 14:49 Jan 12 2012.
Getting worse and worse. Pitty. The 4 nerdy guys and penny were great (as both characters and actors), the newies (appart from priya) are not really funny, just common. Please bring back the good old show or quit.
Historian United States, 17:25 Jan 11 2012.
I have yet to see a "bad" episode of BBT, but this was not one of the better ones, although it did have some funny lines. Speckerman reminds me of the stupid jocks I went to high school with that I do see at local bars from time to time who still (and they are in their 40s now) brag about what they achieved in high school. Who are the real losers!?
Mark Mercier United States, 00:10 Jan 7 2012.
I agree with Francine Geraci...GET RID OF THE HORRIBLE LAUGH TRACK...it ruins the show....we don't need a laugh track from the 50's....
Sedat Turkey, 11:34 Jan 6 2012.
Please ! Leonard with penny the marry ... would be very nice :D
Rick United States, 23:14 Jan 5 2012.
i like all the women on the show. it shows that even nerds can get laid.
wally United States, 23:33 Jan 1 2012.
Love Amy!! Definitely need more Raj.
sanuj Nepal, 06:12 Dec 31 2011.
agree to every one else's comment. Amy character is a complete bore!!!!
Geek Boy United States, 18:48 Dec 29 2011.
The last episode about the bullies was VERY WEAK. The show has changed and notfor the better. I'll WAIT until January for the NEXT show....if it doesn't measure up, I'm out. I'd rather stop watching it dissolve into a NOT FUNNY crap show than hang around until it dies...at least we'll have the first four seasons. AND not having a NEW Christmas show was LAME. Studio execcs being stupid and killing the show.

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