CBS Announces Episode 5.13 Posted January 3, 2012

CBS Announces Episode 5.13

CBS has announced the 100th episode of The Big Bang Theory will air Thursday, January 19th.

"The Recombination Hypothesis" - Everything might change when Leonard offers Penny a spur of the moment invitation to a romantic dinner for two, on the 100th episode of THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, Jan. 19 (8:00 - 8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

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'The Recombination Hypothesis' - Season 5, Episode 13
Airs January 19, 2012 at 8/7c on CBS.

Leonard and Penny might start things up again when Leonard offers Penny a spur of the moment invitation to dinner, on the 100th episode of The Big Bang Theory.

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G-Man United States, 14:03 Jan 27 2012.
I have a idea for a episode. Amy takes Sheldon out of town for a train expo. While come hi Mi Ma comes for a vist. Knock knock knock Sheldon
G-Man United States, 13:29 Jan 27 2012.
I thought it just was us that thought this season is as good as the past seasons. Jump the Shark by far is the least funny. Didn't laugh once. Sheldons flag show on youtube, come on. Bring back Will Wheaton.
John United States, 20:43 Jan 26 2012.
I think we are starting to agree that earlier seasons were great, while this new one lacks structure and suffers from a seeming loss of focus. Penny and Leonard, as a couple, is not even interesting, but I'm wondering if there's some kind of contractual reason for prolonging this useless relationship. I'm afraid the "Jump the Shark" description is accurate at this point.
BIll Canada, 09:43 Jan 23 2012.
Too bad they didn't think to use this kind of dream sequence to erase the Raj / Penny blunder.
David Australia, 23:57 Jan 21 2012.
I love the early seasons but season 5 is a huge disappointment, are there new writers or has writer's block set in. I agree with Brenda, episode 13 is the jump the shark episode. Penis jokes and playing out alternate scenarios about Penny and Leonard. Get back on track or come to a stop. Don't let this show become another rotten egg. and check your timelines ... shall we have something new for dinner, indian or texmex? cause they have never had Indian before have they....
Gaby Romania, 23:45 Jan 20 2012.
Finally! Someone who sees this show as I see it .... ! :) (John) ... I thought is just me who thinks that Simon Helberg is a Real talent and a very gifted actor ... The same opinion about Johnny G. (as you, John...) ... Anyway, I love this show very, very much (at least the first three seasons ...), not in small part ( :D ) because I am a physicist and it remind me about my friends (colleagues ) ... Specially Sheldon ... is so much alike with a very dear friend of mine (not just the looks) : Brilliant mind , ... but with a lot of issues ... It almost scare me how much they are alike ... I wish to the writers a lot of brilliant funny ideas for the next episodes ... and seasons (they had a lot in this show ... for some time ... ) !!
John United States, 09:42 Jan 20 2012.
Let me ad that I think Howard really adds some hysterical comedic touches. Simon Helberg is a very talented actor with great timing and fully involves himself in his character. He'll be around years after the rest of the cast is forgotten. I love the Raj character when he's dealing with his family, but the selective mutism needs work. Having to whisper things to Howard when Penny is around is just a time waster. His tiny bladder, by comparison, is comedy gold. Sheldon is priceless. If he goes, the entire show folds. He really is the social glue that holds that group together. Johnny Galecki is....and really, who calls himself "Johnny" much past the age of 6? OK, Johnny Carson, point taken. I just don't find the Leonard character very well developed, nor well acted. His Golden Globe nomination was bought and paid for by someone at CBS, I'm pretty sure. Anyway, glad this site is around to allow us to share our appreciation and fascination with this particular tv show.
elisa Italy, 09:33 Jan 20 2012.
penny and leonard are so cute together!!
John United States, 09:12 Jan 20 2012.
Worst show ever. Leonard orders Penny to have dinner with him and boredom ensues. Meanwhile back at the apt. wood and erection jokes w/Sheldon, Howard and Raj. I turned it off and watched the Republican debate, that's how bad it was. The female characters are the fatal weakness in this show. Penny is a slut and seems to revel in that characterization, Helium voiced Bernadette is caustic. I turn the volume off when she's on. Leslie Winkle is ugly. Amy has nerd credentials and wears them proudly. There are some extremely funny moments in past episodes, but the show works so much better when just the 4 guys are in full nerd mode. Leonard is the worst of the 4 with no appreciable acting skills whatsoever. I cringe at his smiling countenance when he thinks he's making a joke, usually at Sheldon's expense. Maybe I'm looking for the perfect show about nerds. This had so much potential but it's been hijacked by the girlfriends and they totally dilute all the great chemistry the 4 guys provide.
Brenda United States, 02:07 Jan 20 2012.
I am a huge fan of this show, but this was one of the worst. Has this show "Jumped the shark?" First, the thought of Leonard and Penny dating again is nauseating - they have terrible chemistry. Second, I am sick of Amy - she's not funny at all, and her creepy lusting after Penny is painful to watch. She's the Jar Jar Binks of this show and needs to go. We need more shows that focus on Sheldon and Penny or Howard and Bernadette... THOSE combos work.

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