CBS Announces Episode 5.17 Posted February 7, 2012

CBS Announces Episode 5.17

CBS has announced the February 16th episode of The Big Bang Theory. John Ross Bowie and Joshua Malina reprise their roles as Barry Kripke and University President Siebert, respectively, in the episode.

The Rothman Disintegration – When an office at the University opens up, Sheldon must compete for it with his archenemy, Kripke. Meanwhile, a gift from Amy makes Penny uncomfortable, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, Feb. 16 (8:00 - 8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

You can find more information about the episode in our Episode Guide.

More about the episode

'The Rothman Disintegration' - Season 5, Episode 17
Airs February 16, 2012 at 8/7c on CBS.

Sheldon and his archnemesis Barry Kripke compete for a newly available office at the University. Meanwhile, Penny is uncomfortable with a gift from Amy.

Comments (14)

John United States, 00:35 Mar 9 2012.
I'm 70 years young & love the show, but wondering is Amy's nose real?
G. Delargy Canada, 19:36 Mar 7 2012.
My only comment about this hilariously funny sit-com is THANK-YOU THANK-YOU THANK-YOU.
keeley United Kingdom, 05:40 Mar 6 2012.
this is cool i love seden
michael United States, 23:33 Mar 3 2012.
like the show, really.however i take great delight the way the cast lauds they're 187 i.q. over the "common people".being ex. military"combat eng." with 30 years in construction, i can tell you, if the end comes, the people with 187 i.q.s will be the first to be eaten. lol
Nathan United States, 12:55 Feb 20 2012.
I would like to see them move the couch closer to the door and replace Sheldon's original lawn chair then next time there's a fight or just to mess with him.
Mary United Kingdom, 06:52 Feb 20 2012.
I think episode 17 was classic Big Bang. Surprised the viewing declined.
sunny United States, 20:04 Feb 19 2012.
This was far and away the best episode.It will go down as a CLASSIC!
ivon richardsen Canada, 03:15 Feb 18 2012.
Will Wheaton walks triumphantly onto a stage,at the back of the stage,a sign reads"Will Wheaton Fan Club" He takes center stage.He hears a sound behind him.A new sign reads"Jim Parsons Fan Club." He turns back to the audience,a look of terror on his face.(POV from behind Will Wheaton shows him being bombarded by cream pies and cheers of triumph from the audience).Cut.He quickly sits up in bed,a look of terror and sweat on his face.He quickly looks around,relaxes,smiles,wipes the sweat from his face and is immediately hit with a cream pie.Black screen with the words"Happy Birthday,Jim Parsons."
Ryan United States, 00:55 Feb 17 2012.
Sheldon Cooper FTW
John United States, 22:26 Feb 16 2012.
Cant wait for this episode

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