Episode 5.17 Ratings Posted February 17, 2012

Episode 5.17 Ratings

Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory beat American Idol in key ratings for the fifth consecutive week and was the night's highest-rated and most-watched scripted program.

"The Rothman Disintegration" was watched by 15.65 million people, down by almost 560,000 viewers from last week's episode. In the adults 18-49 demographic, the demo networks and advertisers focus on, the show scored a 5.1/15 rating, down from last week's season high of 5.6/16.

When compared to American Idol in the common half-hour (8:00-8:30), The Big Bang Theory finished first in total viewers, households, adults 18-49, adults 25-54 and adults 18-34. The Big Bang Theory tied with American Idol as the night's top rated program with adults 18-49.

More about the episode

'The Rothman Disintegration' - Season 5, Episode 17
Airs February 16, 2012 at 8/7c on CBS.

Sheldon and his archnemesis Barry Kripke compete for a newly available office at the University. Meanwhile, Penny is uncomfortable with a gift from Amy.

Comments (41)

Louie United States, 15:20 Mar 2 2012.
I also started watching only recently and love this show except for the odd character of Howard's mother, who would likely be a baby-boomer in her 60s but sounds like someone's old NY yiddish grandmother - really offputting and starting to get on my nerves
Kevin Australia, 02:43 Feb 25 2012.
My life will be boring without the BBT . thats all i can say. i got all seasons . keep watching back n forth. never gets boring. :)
Nena United States, 10:08 Feb 24 2012.
Glad to see some funny episodes again! I love this show!
leslie van de ven United States, 15:09 Feb 23 2012.
wish i could get tickets...this show has all the elements of the best shows: is anyone else reminded of "The Odd Couple" and/or M*A*S*H? it just makes my day to think of the show while i am working and I TELL everyone I can about it..
shadyatem Canada, 04:55 Feb 23 2012.
@bh Its not a laugh track. the show is filmed in front a real audience. you can get tickets to see an episode taping
JB United States, 21:12 Feb 22 2012.
I had no idea that this show existed before it began to show on TBS...now I can't stop watching it! AWESOME!
jeff United Kingdom, 20:01 Feb 22 2012.
started to watch this excellent programme in the uk.its great and the cast are brill.please keep on producing this show and hopefully make a film.
kayla and emily United Kingdom, 05:36 Feb 22 2012.
amaaaaazingggG!!!! :P
bh United States, 22:27 Feb 21 2012.
Would someone PLEASE tell the producers of Big Bang that the LAUGH TRACK is horrible! This is a funny show.....the laugh track is obnoxious and every two seconds. STOP.............please
BIlly Bob Canada, 09:43 Feb 21 2012.
@larry: He spent a few minutes rubbing his hands together while delivering lines after he peed. He couldeasily have delivered those lines while leaning over and washing his hands. Even a hint that he was moving towards the sinks and then cutting over to someone else while they talked would have been enough. As it stands - gross out.

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