Episode 5.18 Ratings: 'Bang' beats Idol outright Posted February 24, 2012

Episode 5.18 Ratings: 'Bang' beats Idol outright

Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory topped its time slot, beat American Idol outright for the first time and ranked as the night's most-watched and highest-rated program.

"The Werewolf Transformation" was watched by 16.11 million people, up by 460,000 viewers from last week, and scored a 9.7/16 rating in households. The Big Bang Theory scored a 5.2/15 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic, a 6.6/7 rating among adults 25-54 and a 3.9/13 among adults 18-34. The show was up by 2% in the adults 18-49 demo from last week. The Big Bang Theory finished first in its time slot and for the night as a whole in total viewers, households, adults 18-49 and adults 25-54.

Although The Big Bang Theory has topped American Idol in the ratings for the past five weeks, this was only when compared to American Idol's performance in the same half-hour period as The Big Bang Theory. Yesterday's episode of The Big Bang Theory rated higher than Idol's entire hour-long broadcast. The Big Bang Theory also beat American Idol in the shared half-hour by the largest margins yet.

More about the episode

'The Werewolf Transformation' - Season 5, Episode 18
Airs February 23, 2012 at 8/7c on CBS.

Sheldon is thrown for a loop when his regular barber gets sick. No longer able to stick to his routine, Sheldon embraces the chaos. Meanwhile, Wolowitz struggles with his astronaut training.

Comments (22)

Barry United States, 13:32 Mar 21 2012.
Downloaded the "whip" on my IPhone from the episode two weeks ago.
Vzv Argentina, 22:43 Mar 6 2012.
Sheldon was playing bongos... the best of the season!!!
Peter Germany, 19:23 Mar 6 2012.
Humiliations for a poor nephew, bongos for Sheldon and some blackouts for Howard. A real happy maker.
Ary United States, 12:23 Mar 6 2012.
i love this show yeah yeah yeah yeah i love sheldon cooper yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so does Zach Orrison at At dominic savio chs so does mary kellerman yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah somebod give me a baby by sheldon mary says Ary out my doggz
c van g Netherlands, 23:26 Mar 4 2012.
best show ever!!
Jaybird United States, 16:20 Mar 1 2012.
Penny meant, if he were a purple leprechaun, Penny forgot to use the subjunctive. LOL Something my dad would say to me.
Nell Ukraine, 14:01 Feb 27 2012.
That was REALLY GREAT episode love y'all <3
shane United Kingdom, 13:58 Feb 27 2012.
It is the first time i have ever cried when laughing, sheldon is worthy of and oscar and kelly (penny) is brilliant, i thought this season was lacking the humour as prevoius season but this ep. was among the top three for me, and i've seen every episode, i have the first four season on dvd, cant wait for the next ep. but why is there a break, the american see to take alot of breaks in between season, its happened with NCIS aswell, but they are two show worthy of the wait
soft kitty United States, 19:01 Feb 26 2012.
Started watchin last season. What took me soooo long?? Luv it!!!
mac Poland, 16:04 Feb 26 2012.
Leonard no sleep when i play the bongos ROTFL

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