Stephen Hawking films 'Big Bang Theory' cameo Posted March 12, 2012

Stephen Hawking films 'Big Bang Theory' cameo

Professor Stephen Hawking is set to make a cameo appearance in The Big Bang Theory. The famed theoretical physicist recorded a scene last Friday for the April 5 episode of the show. In the episode the eminent professor will have a "run in" with Sheldon.

Bill Prady, co-creator and executive producer of The Big Bang Theory, hinted about the guest spot on Twitter. Last Friday, Prady tweeted "On my way to shoot a scene with a super-secret, super-cool guest star for episode 521." Hawking's appearance will come one week after another high profile guest star, Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy, has a cameo role on the show.

Professor Hawking had reportedly been approached to guest start on the show before, but was too ill to take part. The seventy-year-old cosmologist has previously played himself on The Simpsons and Futurama.

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Judy G United States, 10:24 Apr 6 2012.
April 5th show was BRILLIANT !!! Loved all the shows..
Sarah United States, 22:17 Apr 5 2012.
Steve Urkel, from Family Matters, and Sheldon together.
Louis United Kingdom, 21:59 Apr 5 2012.
I think I'm the biggest bbt fan on the planet I know everything
Louis United Kingdom, 20:15 Apr 5 2012.
Imagine the combined IQ of Sheldon and Stephen hawking, can't wait.
Sandie  United States, 22:20 Apr 4 2012.
When is the Howard and Bernie wedding!
Florian Australia, 10:45 Apr 4 2012.
How can Hawking be the favorite physisist of the great and smart Sheldon Cooper. What is impressive about a guy who is writing a book including the topic "the information paradoxon" (or called the black hole paradoxon) than selling this millions of times, than the topic is getting disproved and than many years later Hawking himself is disproving his own theory of how information is never lost. When he wouldn't sit in a wheelchair and wouldn't have an electronical voice he wouldn't be famous, because there isn't much he can be famous for.
cheryl  United States, 03:45 Mar 31 2012.
this show is amzing!
HIRAK Nepal, 02:40 Mar 30 2012.
It is going to be awesome.I can't wait.... I would love to see him.
AN United States, 21:40 Mar 20 2012.
AWESOME!! I Can't Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!
linda United Kingdom, 03:42 Mar 19 2012.
WOW! A few months ago I posted that Stephen Hawking would be my ultimate guest, and now with a little patience I will be able to see the episode. Live long and prosper;o)

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