CBS Announces Episode 5.23 Posted April 12, 2012

CBS Announces Episode 5.23

CBS has announced the penultimate episode of The Big Bang Theory's fifth season will air Thursday, May 3. Casey Sander (Grace Under Fire) guest stars as Bernadette's father in the episode.

The Launch Acceleration – NASA reschedules Howard’s mission, putting the wedding plans in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Leonard says something surprising to Penny in the bedroom, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, May 3 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

The Big Bang Theory is in returns until April 26. Airing tonight is a rerun of "The Russian Rocket Reaction" at 8/7c and a rebroadcast of "The Rhinitis Revelation" at the special time of 9/8c. Next week there's another chance to see "The Good Guy Fluctuation" at the usual time of 8/7c. The show returns with the first of the season's last three episodes on April 26. The show has already been renewed for a sixth and seventh season, so The Big Bang Theory will definitely be back next season.

More about the episode

'The Launch Acceleration' - Season 5, Episode 23
Airs May 3, 2012 at 8/7c on CBS.

Howard and Bernadette's wedding plans are put in jeopardy when NASA change his mission plans. Meanwhile, Penny is thrown for a loop by a comment Leonard makes in the bedroom.

Comments (30)

Nate United States, 11:46 Jun 28 2012.
I like David%u2019s idea with the Howard and Bennie spin off of "The Big Bang Theory", because these to characters are really funny with just them. I just started watching this show this season because of my Hopper that automatically records all of my prime time shows that come on CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC everyday in HD. I work for Dish and I can tell all of you that the Hopper is also capable of skip all of your recorded commercials when you watch your PrimeTime Anytime recordings the days after they%u2019ve aired.
Ruth Devine United States, 18:33 May 29 2012.
I just watched an early episode with the time machine. It was fantastic! Those early shows without girlfriends were SOOOO much funnier and better. They're boring now!
David  United States, 09:07 May 8 2012.
A great spin off of the Big Bang would be Howard and Bernadette, married, and all the comedy that comes with that. Simply called, Howard and Bernie.
David Tracey United States, 20:39 May 1 2012.
You didn't post my last post. Your treating me like I'm Sheldon.
Bob United States, 19:21 Apr 30 2012.
I loved it! Great episode, I can't wait to watch the next! I love Sheldon!
Woody United States, 13:20 Apr 26 2012.
Kripke has a real lisp...not mocking
D.B. Young United States, 14:24 Apr 23 2012.
This show is my medicine. I can have the worst day imaginable and watch a couple of episodes on DVD and be good to go. However, I do think that the Sheldon character displays symptoms of a variety of personality disorders and wonder if this bothers people who have a personality disorder. I have symptoms of several as well and find the Sheldon character to be very endearing. Actually helps me cope.
Jonny Martin Nepal, 01:48 Apr 23 2012.
great news, hurray looking forward to the new episode desperately.Well i stumbled upon this site for Dr. Sheldon Cooper quotes via
TBBTlova1212 United States, 11:31 Apr 22 2012.
@Mike I am going to cry just when the season ends! I have just started watching the show and I have finally caught up! They should tape year-round! : D
Pod Walker United Kingdom, 10:40 Apr 22 2012.
Can anyone tell me what the poster in Sheldon and Leonard's kitchen says. It is the one behind the breakfast bar- looks like a picture of a chef with two words below him? I have been studying and puzzling over this for ages- a bit geeky I know but now I am desparate to know!! Thanks

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