Big Bang Theory: Season 5 DVD/Blu-ray announced Posted June 11, 2012

Big Bang Theory: Season 5 DVD/Blu-ray announced

Warner Home Video has announced the release of The Big Bang Theory: Season Five DVD and Blu-ray this Fall in the United States and Canada. The box-sets will be released in North America on Tuesday, September 11.

The three-disc DVD and five-disc Blu-ray will include all twenty-four episodes of the past season. The cover art and full extras list has not yet been revealed. The Blu-ray set includes the episodes on both high-definition Blu-ray, standard-definition DVD and UltraViolet downloads. The downloads are only available in the USA and must be redeemed within two years of the release date.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, The Big Bang Theory: Season Five DVD and Blu-ray will be released on Monday, September 24. This is the first Blu-ray release of the show in those countries. Both the DVD and the Blu-ray will include digital copies of the episodes, although the downloads can only be redeemed by residents of the United Kingdom. The DVD and Blu-ray sets are expected to be released in Australia and New Zealand later this year, but release dates have not yet been announced.

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Comments (12)

Bigbang man United States, 19:19 Aug 12 2012.
The group should go to Disneyland as a episode and Sheldon goes missing.
ruxton doubt United States, 12:32 Jul 12 2012.
an idea for a skit for the big bang theory. Sheldon goes to plug into an outlet and discovers it's not working. He tells leonard and they both go to check the electrical panel and find nothing wrong. They go back to the outlet and figure out that it is the outlet itself which is not working. They call the landlord and the landlord does what landlords do well ... delays the repair/replacement. Knowing only a qualified electrician can work on any electrical problems for the apt bld Sheldon starts to theorize as to how to fix the problem without removing the outlet. Penny comes in and with a bobbypin and fixes the problem. (not dissimalar to the 30 page patent application I submitted in April 2011 to solve this problem) Leonard suggests Penny apply for a patent which irks Sheldon to no end (Sheldon doesn't have a patent himself) I could be available to answer any technical questions to give credence to any theorizing Sheldon and Leonard would formulate in regards to figuring out the best design for solving this problem. Ruxton Doubt
vidhya rimal Nepal, 04:51 Jun 22 2012.
love it but i want to see Sheldon dating penny or he falling in love with her some how
Jean Jack United Kingdom, 15:56 Jun 17 2012.
If looking for guests for the show, you couldn't get better than the UK's Brian Cox! A partical physisist who is gorgeous, cool, sexy and was in a band in the 1990s (D'ream). Who says Scientists are cool!!!
R Eiffert United States, 22:38 Jun 15 2012.
For the new season to have the wedding reception when Howard returns. They should have Roseanne on the show as Howards aunt she has a loud mouth and can be very obnoxious
Eileen Hartley United States, 14:47 Jun 15 2012.
my husband and I have really love the show and cant wait for season 6 to start we whatch it here in the uk
helen United States, 12:58 Jun 15 2012.
I read this article in the paper and it sounded like a Big Bang Theory Reality Show. Even the physicist name is Sheldon.... very funny!!
jackie nye United States, 21:21 Jun 14 2012.
"the financial permeability"leonard passes penny "lobester lo mein" later mentioned "shrimp lo mein"
I Love school!!! United States, 17:03 Jun 13 2012.
Thank You for answering my question. I'll be sure to buy it!!! (:
Administrator, 17:50 Jun 12 2012.
@I Love school, the past season's DVDs/Blu-rays are always released late August/early September, before the new season starts, and in the US and Canada new video releases always come on a Tuesday. The studios will be releasing a large number of sets around that time, so they have to spread them out over a few weeks so there aren't too many releases on any one day. Given those conditions, it's pretty much unavoidable that in a year where 9/11 falls on a Tuesday there will be releases like this on that day.

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