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Enjoy the complete seventh season of The Big Bang Theory again on DVD and Blu-ray. The three-disc DVD box-set contains all twenty-four episodes of the 2013/14 season along with new bonus features, including a gag reel and behind-the-scenes featurettes.

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Big Bang Theory Episode Tournament: Round 1

Big Bang Theory Episode Tournament: Round 1

We are running a Big Bang Theory: Episode Tournament to find the fans' favorite episodes from the show so far. The nominations round has just closed and the eight most popular episodes have made it through to the first knock-out round. Cast your votes in the latest round now.

The top eight episodes were: The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis, The Adhesive Duck Deficiency, The Countdown Reflection, The Staircase Implementation, The Beta Test Initiation, the Pilot, The Monopolar Expedition and The Ornithophobia Diffusion. Over 4,300 votes were cast and all one-hundred and eleven episodes received at least one vote. Three of the progressing episodes have won episode tournaments in the past. No episode from Season 4 made it through to this round. While the latest season, Season 5, is the most well represented season with three episodes in the round.

The eight episodes now go head-to-head in the following pairs: The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis vs. The Adhesive Duck Deficiency, The Countdown Reflection vs. The Staircase Implementation, The Beta Test Initiation vs. Pilot, and The Monopolar Expedition vs. The Ornithophobia Diffusion. The round will close in two weeks and four episodes will be knocked out.

Cast your votes now in our Big Bang Theory: Episode Tournament.

  Posted August 14 2012 in Website News.

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BBT Nr.#1 Fan. Iceland, 17:07 Aug 29 2012.
I have watched all of the seasons over 23 times (It's not a lie and yes i do have a life) this is my all time favourite show this is the show i watch when i'm sick,depressed,hungry and there is no food,when i am bored. I watch this show Chrismass evening i can reaped very much of the script, I have 4 The Big Bang Theory T-Shirts and 1 bottle, i would buy more but it seems a bit creepy i don't know why, i have typed this message 4 times now becouse i somehow always deleted the message but finaly its there (It should be if you're reading this) I would smash every single item i have to meet Jim Parsons and ask him a few questions.
Alicia Cassar Australia, 18:53 Aug 28 2012.
i love big bang theory, best show ever, never missed an episode. my fave episode is season 5 episode 9- the one where sheldon is afraid of the bird and leonard and penny go out as friends for the first time.
Carlyn United States, 20:59 Aug 20 2012.
I need help fast! "The Spaghetti Catalyst" (May 2010): What is the name of the Rottweiler that chases Sheldon for his hot dogs? A woman walks by and calls the dog by name just as Howard and Sheldon are leaving Sheldon's building.
terry baker United States, 15:38 Aug 20 2012.
i think james wallace langham(csi investigation) should appear as howard's long lost dad,wanting to take mrs wolowitz away with him, now that howard married helping out howard with the delemma of who to live with.also i think it would be cool if raj got hypnotized so he could talk to women.
helen mcanally United States, 15:21 Aug 18 2012.
Itruly Hope its on for along time.more than three years.the amy sheldon situatation is hilarius.mayim is soo cool when she plays off the rest of the group.leonard coming into their own.raj and penny r two ships passed out in the night. Can't wait for the new shows
JA2 United States, 13:06 Aug 17 2012.
I've not missed an epidode of BBT in its 5 seasons. The producers and writers must be commended for developing the characters especially my favorites Leonard, Penny, Sheldon and Amy. It is my fervent hope that the "powers that be" maintain and build on the Leonard/Penny and Sheldon/Amy relations for the final 3 years. It would especially be a shame and ridiculous to break Leonard and Penny up again...let the this 3rd time be their "lucky charm". The only real disappointment I've had in the 5 seasons is Raj spending a night with Penny.Penny can't be excused for her drunken part but Raj broke a "man rule" even after Penny told him of her mistake in breaking up with Leonard. He's not a true and loyal friend. It may have given the show a "jolt" but he was forgiven in the show too quickly. That's wasn't real life! No relationship is easy and all parties must work at them so there will still be bumps ahead but I'm rooting strongly for these relationships to work, especially Leonard's and Penny's. They deserve to be togather after the 5 years they've been put through by the writers because they do have deep feelings for each other.

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