Kevin Sussman promoted to regular

Kevin Sussman promoted to regular

Kevin Sussman, who plays Stuart - the owner of the Pasadena Comic Center, which the gang frequent - has been promoted to a series regular for the sixth season of The Big Bang Theory.

Sussman, who has so far appeared in fifteen episodes of the show, will not necessarily appear in every episode of the season like the main cast members. He will reportedly be appearing in somewhere around 7-13 episodes this season. His new contract guarantees his availability to the show as he's required.

Sussman is the fourth recurring guest star to have been bumped to regular. Sara Gilbert, who played Leslie Winkle, was made a regular for Season 2 but later left the show. Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik, who play Bernadette and Amy respectively, were promoted to regulars during Season 4 and remain main cast members to this day.

  Posted August 23, 2012 in The Big Bang Theory.

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eddie Sweden, 18:01 Sep 26 2012.
I loved the toast speech stuart gave at howards bachelor party.I think i saw an iranian flag down here somewhere.its great that you guys can also see this wonderful show my friend.
HenryF United Kingdom, 14:07 Sep 11 2012.
He like out nerds the main cast which is funny.
I'm not from belgium? Belgium, 12:10 Sep 9 2012.
glad lesly winkle left the show, she annoyed the crap outta me! stuart only appeared in 15 eps during the whole show? thought it was waaayyy more than just 15? They go to the comic book store every -3 eps...
john United States, 21:05 Sep 7 2012.
Raj will come to the finacial aide of the comic book shop as a silent partner.
sabrina United States, 23:42 Sep 3 2012.
darn I need to learn to spell his name if he is going to be reg...
sabrina United States, 23:38 Sep 3 2012.
Awesome, Love Stewart!!
jess United States, 15:25 Sep 3 2012.
yvonne mcdonald United Kingdom, 08:20 Sep 2 2012.
Excellent, he's very funny.
Juan United States, 05:17 Aug 31 2012.
I find it interesting that he's appeared so little, yet I've always felt he was in more episodes... Well congrats Kevin!
c weaver United States, 12:00 Aug 29 2012.
Great choice. He gets some great lines, like: "blink twice if you are here against your will." or "Everyone has a different theory." or "I would go home to my apartment, but let's face it that's just a slightly smaller room filled with more comic books." And a second for seeing more of Sheldon's mom.

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