Win a copy of The Big Bang Theory: Season 5 DVD

Win a copy of The Big Bang Theory: Season 5 DVD

To celebrate the upcoming release of The Big Bang Theory: Season 5 DVD and Blu-ray, we are giving away a free copy of the DVD (Region 1, US release). The box-set includes all twenty-four episodes of the 2011/12 season plus new bonus features.  Enter our contest now for your chance to win!

In the United States and Canada, The Big Bang Theory: Season 5 will be released on both DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, September 11. The five-disc Blu-ray combo pack includes the episodes on both high-definition Blu-ray and standard-definition DVD.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, The Big Bang Theory: Season 5 is being released on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow, Monday, September 3. This is the first Blu-ray release for the show in the UK. A multi-season box-set of The Big Bang Theory: Seasons 1-5 DVD is being release. For those looking to own the whole series so far in high-definition, are exclusively stocking a The Big Bang Theory: Seasons 1-5 Blu-ray box-set.

In Australia, The Big Bang Theory will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on Wednesday, October 3. A Seasons 1-5 box-set will also be released on both DVD and Blu-ray on that date.

  Posted September 2 2012 in The Big Bang Theory.

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Dave Lockett United Kingdom, 07:16 Oct 2 2012.
I'm 60 later this month and although BBT is a show mainly for the younger end I reckon it's the best comedy show (possibly) ever to appear on TV. The writing is fantastic, with a hilarious mix of satire, dark comedy, extreme farce, subtle humour alongside childish/schoolboy from the gang of eccentric nerds and their equally dysfunctional female friends. So original - and although I've seen them all maybe 6 times each, they still crack me up every time. Let's hope the show continues for many more series!
Felicia  United States, 14:25 Oct 1 2012.
I love the interaction of just the guys..they are so funny and a pleasure to watch..I think they all have sex seems that the more interaction with the girls the less funny it is...I just love the guys..they are a perfect comedy team..
shaya brockopp United States, 21:46 Sep 11 2012.
on the 2007 episiod the duplingparadox rosh talks inforon of penny with out drinking. why didnt anobody noti.
Steven Burn United Kingdom, 01:24 Sep 8 2012.
Why is the chap that hacked into Sheldons WoW account, at Howards batchelor party?
Jacob United States, 11:45 Sep 6 2012.
I won!!! Thank you so much guys - I love this show!
Donna C United States, 16:52 Sep 2 2012.
I LOVE BBT!!! I record ALL episodes from all channels. I watch when the rest of the TV lineup has nothing for me. I watch my recorded eps when feel not so happy or when I am up super early or late. I will laugh at the same stuff over and over again even though I have seen the same stuff over and over! lol
Lynn Harvey United States, 16:37 Sep 2 2012.
The best comedy series since... well, forever!
Brandy Horton United States, 11:30 Sep 2 2012.
Big Bang Theory is part of my daily life!!!!!

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