Episode 6.02 Ratings Posted October 5, 2012

Episode 6.02 Ratings

Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory finished first in its time slot and was the night's highest-rated and most-watched broadcast.

"The Decoupling Fluctuation" was watched by 15.38 million people, down slightly from last week's audience of 15.66. In the crucial adults 18-49 demographic, The Big Bang Theory scored a 4.9/16 rating, down a notch from last week's 5.0/15. With the absence of Modern Family this week, The Big Bang Theory is set to be the week's highest rated program in the 18-49 demo.

More about the episode

'The Decoupling Fluctuation' - Season 6, Episode 2
Airs October 4, 2012 at 8/7c on CBS.

When Penny has doubts about her relationship with Leonard, Sheldon tries to convince her to stay with him. Meanwhile, at the International Space Station, the other astronauts are picking on Howard.

Comments (42)

Darlyn United Kingdom, 03:31 Nov 2 2012.
I dont care, but I love them!
Lissie Uruguay, 18:14 Oct 24 2012.
Ha ha, can you imagine a video of Howard screaming in YouTube?? For a moment I thought in searching it, but then I thought, "no, it is not possible" :)
Elena Russia, 10:34 Oct 23 2012.
I love the series, but when Howard told Bernadett about he 9 minutes screaming video, I got interested and I looked it up, I didn't find anything... I think that CBS should link some episodes to official videos on YouTube, so people can have fun watching them...)
Jason United Kingdom, 12:26 Oct 19 2012.
All of the characters are hilarious. Nobody should leave.
G -Man United States, 23:08 Oct 12 2012.
I still think that Penny and Sheldon will hook up by the end of the seris.They have that love hate love going on.
oaki Switzerland, 14:17 Oct 12 2012.
Seriously ....Sheldon making jokes about his poop ?? Since last season, the writers make him act like a total retard. So many recycled jokes (raj not talking, penny the stupid monkey). Lenny boring as hell, Amy and Bernie should die in a car crash, since their coming the show sucks more and more.
aline Brazil, 13:24 Oct 12 2012.
Shamy Forever!
Lissie Uruguay, 22:18 Oct 11 2012.
When I read comments of people requesting a love relation between Sheldon and Penny I get stomachache. Please tell me never will happen!!!!!!!!
Todd United States, 20:11 Oct 11 2012.
What is kaley eating??? Please someone tell here to stop!
Jeff United States, 19:55 Oct 11 2012.
Sheldon and Howard are carrying the show so far this season. But Amy has got to go! I can't stand that character-she's just filler, and not funny filler at that. The Leonard and Penny saga is descending into not much more than a soap opera, so they need to freshen that up somehow, likely something involving Sheldon. Some of the funniest bits over the years have been when Penny and Sheldon are forced together, and almost all of the worst bits have been with or about Amy, with or without Sheldon (but when "with", it's been funny because of Sheldon, not because of Amy).

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