Episode 6.03 Ratings Posted October 12, 2012

Episode 6.03 Ratings

Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory finished first in the ratings for its time slot and ranked as night's most-watched and highest-rated broadcast.

"The Higgs Boson Observation" was watched by 14.23 million people, down by 950,000 people from last week's episode. In the adults 18-49 demographic, The Big Bang Theory scored a 4.5/13 rating, down from 4.9/16 last Thursday. The Big Bang Theory finished first in its time slot by all key ratings metrics.

More about the episode

'The Higgs Boson Observation' - Season 6, Episode 3
Airs October 11, 2012 at 8/7c on CBS.

Amy has feelings of jealousy when Sheldon hires a young female assistant, though it seems Penny is the one who should be concerned. Meanwhile, Howard's time aboard the International Space Station is beginning to take its toll.

Comments (26)

jo Australia, 09:27 Nov 9 2012.
i always want penny and sheldon to be together..so i liked this episode very much .
Jolie Joplin United States, 22:12 Oct 24 2012.
Penny, you need to show more emotion. Also, you should have a secret crush on Sheldon, but don't it reveal until the last episode. It would make great t.v. if you tried to let him know how you feel, but he doesn't get it until the very last last episode.
Edward United States, 12:03 Oct 24 2012.
The should dress-up as the president and first lady
Will United Kingdom, 12:10 Oct 21 2012.
I'm sorry? Penny is fat! Are you kidding me! She is soooo sexy, and, to be honest, I am not that much of a fan of anorexic chicks... :)
david United States, 21:33 Oct 19 2012.
The show is a little slow this year. No big laughts as of yet. still my favorite show by far.
Henry United States, 10:03 Oct 19 2012.
I love the show. But, where is the diversity (African American/Latinos). There are minority nerds in the USA. Please represent what the land of the free should stand for.
Glenn Wilson United States, 06:51 Oct 18 2012.
I look forward to seeing this episode, I think it will be great. Hey, here's an idea. Since Raj has no female companion, why not bring back Sheldon's sister Missy as a love interest(for a few episodes) I loved the character(Missy) and I think it will really make for some comic tension between Raj and Sheldon.
yepp United States, 01:45 Oct 18 2012.
Man aww man. If you've arrived here fresh from binging on multiple seasons... take a step back. youre too close to this thing.
Dimk Ukraine, 02:41 Oct 17 2012.
wow! this new cutie girl! hope she will be leo's girlfriend! or mine :D
United Kingdom, 15:47 Oct 16 2012.
Although i agree with some of the comments i still think the show is great, it has gotten slightly less funny and i think that is something that the writers should work on, I love "shamy" and don't want them to break up and like the way penny and leonards relashionship is going. I do think that more funny/intressting storylines should be added as the show is starting to get slightley less funny :/ I think the writers need to ensure that there main job is making the show as hilarius as it normaly is rather than spending too much time turning it in to a bit of a drama. Just my oppion, I know i hav mainly critsised but I still love the show and can hardly wait untill the next epidode and, like many people dread the day the big bang theory finishes :D G

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