UK season premiere is E4's most-watched show this year Posted November 16, 2012

UK season premiere is E4's most-watched show this year

The UK premiere of The Big Bang Theory: Season 6 on E4 last night became the channel's most-watched show of the year and The Big Bang Theory's best performance for the station yet.

The sixth season opener, "The Date Night Variable", was watched by 2.31 million viewers, the digital channel's biggest audience of the year so far. The show brought in a large adults 16-34 audience, the key demographic for E4, with 1.17m viewers in the demo and a strong second-place share of 25.2%.

More about the episode

'The Date Night Variable' - Season 6, Episode 1
Airs September 27, 2012 at 8/7c on CBS.

A lonely Raj interrupts Sheldon & Amy's and Leonard & Penny's dates. Meanwhile, Howard and his mother are arguing, even as he's 220 miles above earth in the International Space Station.

Comments (5)

laer carroll United States, 05:34 Nov 26 2012.
WHAT laugh track?! I'm too busy laughing to hear any - if there is one!
Barbara United Kingdom, 05:06 Nov 25 2012.
Poor Howard - he can't get away from his mum even in space!
eb & meg United Kingdom, 04:42 Nov 22 2012.
Wow this is Awsomee!!
Kathleen United Kingdom, 10:18 Nov 17 2012.
Why on earth is there such a loud laughter track? So distracting, almost spoiled a show I've waited months for.
Bylgja Hafþórsdóttir Iceland, 12:00 Nov 16 2012.
You guys light up my life. Go to bed with you every single night. Thank you so much.

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