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Enjoy the complete seventh season of The Big Bang Theory again on DVD and Blu-ray. The three-disc DVD box-set contains all twenty-four episodes of the 2013/14 season along with new bonus features, including a gag reel and behind-the-scenes featurettes.

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Episode 6.17 Ratings

Episode 6.17 Ratings

Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory finished first in its time slot and ranked as the night's #1 show in all key demos.

"The Monster Isolation" had an audience of 17.62 million people, down marginally from last week's 17.89m. The show scored a 5.6/17 rating in the crucial adults 18-49 demographic, up from 5.5/18 a week ago. The Big Bang Theory finished first in its time slot and the night as a whole in households, total viewers, adults 25-54, adults 18-49 and adults 18-34.

  Posted February 22 2013 in The Big Bang Theory.

Episode: Monster Isolation. Tags: Season 6, ratings.

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African american United States, 19:07 Apr 5 2013.
I was not impressed with the awful story line last night. I thought that Sheldon's ignorance of African Americans culture was shameful For him to be the s "Smartest one" he could have figured out something better than associating African Americans to roots ( a story about slaves) and a hand whatever that was supposed to be. But then maybe it just showed the narrow mind of the writers
nikki United States, 01:20 Mar 29 2013.
Let's see sheldon really realizing that he really wants Amy when she is tired of being patient with him to be more sensitive.
m. e. smith United States, 10:20 Mar 9 2013.
Hope the writers have thought about the story line of Penny finally being successful and getting a commercial with William Shatner. The boys would be thrilled that she was working with Capt. Kirk.
gMarie United States, 23:11 Mar 5 2013.
Love this show. The writers are starting to resort to predictable formulas for plot. Too bad, the actors and characters are truly magic! Writers, go back to having fun and discovering the magic making something different, funny and smart! Im a fan forever, don't let the show grow stale.
alexandra iakovou Greece, 15:34 Mar 5 2013.
the tina she has right I noticed and I...
Devika United Arab Emirates, 03:53 Mar 4 2013.
Episodes are seemingly predictable ans shorter and the magic seems to be fading. very stereotypical when compared to 3 and 4 seasons. those were exciting
Laer Carroll United States, 02:32 Mar 4 2013.
Best season ever!
fan Singapore, 23:17 Mar 2 2013.
Wake up writers. Or this will be the last season
sarita Argentina, 19:43 Mar 2 2013.
me gusto mucho , muy comico
Don Machiavelli India, 09:09 Mar 1 2013.
Show losing plot guys.. Less of the original five talking is making it more boring.. Plus the last two episodes were unbearable...

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