Episode 6.23 Ratings Posted May 10, 2013

Episode 6.23 Ratings

Yesterday's episode of The Big Bang Theory, the penultimate episode of the current season, ranked as the night's #1 program in viewers and key demographics.

"The Love Spell Potential" was watched by an audience of 16.30 million people, ever so slightly up from last week's 16.29m. In the key adults 18-49 demo, The Big Bang Theory scored a 4.9/17 rating, flat on last week.

The Big Bang Theory finished first in its time slot and was the night's top performer in total viewers, adults 18-49, adults 25-54 and adults 18-34.

More about the episode

'The Love Spell Potential' - Season 6, Episode 23
Airs May 9, 2013 at 8/7c on CBS.

After the girls' trip to Vegas goes awry, they join the guys for a game of Dungeons and Dragons, which takes Sheldon and Amy's relationship to an unexpected place. Meanwhile, Raj and Lucy have a very awkward date

Comments (25)

Mel United States, 15:22 May 18 2013.
The show has become Friends. I sure wish it would get back to science and geeks, the guys and Penny. I'm sure I'll start out watching season 7 but not sure I'll stick with it.
Van Kolancian United States, 13:42 May 17 2013.
Why is everyone complaining? no more episodes until September or if you do not like it do not watch it. I know I will because I like the main five characters
Franki United Kingdom, 13:40 May 17 2013.
I dont think i will ever hate an episode of the big bang theory. I love them all...However i didnt like what penny did its not something her character would do, but its still amazing BBTFAN4LIFE XXX
jimmy United Kingdom, 09:52 May 17 2013.
whatever happened to "anything upto and including coitus is off the table" amy?... i know the writers are trying to inject more geeky and nerdy stuff, but this sitcom is slowly turning into friends, everyone coupled off and we are being spoon fed sheldon and amy living together, and leonard and penny too. Lucy is rubbish, and the "jokes" between her and raj are boring. I guess this show will never again be the awkward marvel it was in seasons 1-4
vagabond Saudi Arabia, 16:06 May 16 2013.
SIMON... that is all
Kirby United States, 14:24 May 16 2013.
Will somebody PLEASE teach the cast and writers how to play D&D? There are physicists on hand to make sure that the physics are right even though almost nobody would ever know if they weren't, yet when they play D&D, which EVERY geek knows how to play, they don't do a single thing right! I HATE the D&D episodes! Go to a high school, ask for the AV department, grab a random kid and hire him to fact-check the D&D episodes. Call him an intern and give him college credit and he only costs you a couple slices of pizza and a soda now and then. Well, that and whatever it costs for your lawyers to clear up the whole "went into a high school, asked for the AV department and grabb*d a random kid we didn't know" thing. But I am really tired of them playing D&D where they just cast any random spell they make up on the spot (even ones that don't exist in the game), they play with a single die, nobody gets saving throws to prevent spell effects or traps, no spot, listen or knowledge checks, the campaigns are lame and uninteresting, etc. That isn't D&D. It's how first graders play when they're pretending to be in some magical land and it's annoying. You have physicists, hire a geek already!
porsche United States, 13:11 May 16 2013.
Loved it. I just love everything about it.
Ryan New Zealand, 19:51 May 15 2013.
Loved the Episode it was good i like the bit with sheldon and Amy truely a classic hope the last episode of the season is just as good!
harry United Kingdom, 07:24 May 15 2013.
worst episode
Pat Bayes Canada, 02:35 May 14 2013.
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