Sixth Season Finale Ratings

Sixth Season Finale Ratings

Yesterday's season finale of The Big Bang Theory ranked first in the ratings for the night and finished ahead of the season finale of American Idol with a clear margin.

The sixth season closer, "The Bon Voyage Reaction", was watched by 15.48 million people, falling slightly from last week's 16.3m audience. The Big Bang Theory had 1.17 more viewers than American Idol. In the important adults 18-49 demographic, TBBT scored a 4.8/16 rating, down a notch from the previous episode's 4.9/17, and far in advance of American Idol's 3.6/11. The Big Bang Theory is the first show to ever beat an American Idol final results show in the ratings.

The Big Bang Theory finished first its time slot in viewers and key demographics and was the night's most-watched and highest-rated show.  Compared to the fifth season finale, The Big Bang Theory added over two million viewers and rose by six tenths in the key adults 18-49 demo [13.3m viewers and 4.2/15 demo].

  Posted May 17, 2013 in The Big Bang Theory.

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Pamala Plaster United States, 00:21 Jun 12 2013.
I'm 56 years old my husband is 60. and we love the big bang theory.They all hold it together.please dont loose leonard.
ANN CHARLOTTE BARN Belgium, 08:36 Jun 11 2013.
The Big Bang Theory is our favorite TV series - fun, intelligent, smart, we love Sheldon as well Leonard characters, smart actors. Merci, thank you Ann Charlotte, Paris France
Philip Conroy United Kingdom, 16:42 Jun 4 2013.
This is the funniest American comedy since Rosanne, Cheers and The Golden Girls. It's the funniest around right now and always makes me laugh. I love how the parents are portrayed, and this should never change. Rajesh should always talk to his parents via Skype, and Howard's mum should always be a disembodied voice. Please can we see more of the parents, Leslie Winkle and Stuart? All under used characters I love. Looking forward to you all doing a convention in England some time soon. Thank you for all the laughs. I'm looking forward to cracking up again with season 7. Love you all.
Art Halperin United States, 19:14 May 30 2013.
did some one change the lyrics on the opening song. some times they say, " they built the roads, they built the pyramids" & some times they say " they drove the roads, they drove the pyramids ". What is this all about.
Terri R United States, 19:10 May 29 2013.
I dont care how many reruns I watch. I laugh just as hard as the first time around. If I were granted one wish it would be to have dinner (in the apt) with the gang. I would settle for just Sheldon,,,,,Bazzinga!!!!
Phil feil United States, 13:08 May 26 2013.
We adore all the episodes. And this season plus reruns have helped my wife and I through her marrow transplant journey. Thanks for the laughs and the tenderness.
Kathy Parker United States, 08:58 May 23 2013.
I agree with Chickpea!! That's how things should go. This episode was kind of a tear jerker in a way! BUt as always I love every episode! I do have favorites but the entire show is a show I watch over and over. Can't wait for the next season!
Prasoon India, 03:07 May 23 2013.
Overall it was nice episode.........desperately waiting for season 7......can anyone tell me where i can get the season 6 bloopers
Laer Carroll United States, 19:57 May 21 2013.
Love there was NO cliffhanger. "Lucy" character was never funny, hope "she" never comes back. Hope Raj stays able to talk to women. Overall great episode.
TopOfFrequency United States, 19:10 May 19 2013.
what was the message at the end during the credits?? my dvr cut off!!!

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