Season 6 DVD & Blu-ray announced

Season 6 DVD & Blu-ray announced

Warner Home Video has announced the release of The Big Bang Theory: Season Six DVD and Blu-ray this fall in the United States and Canada. The box-sets will be released in North America on Tuesday, September 10.

The three-disc DVD and five-disc Blu-ray will include all twenty-four episodes of the show's latest season. The Blu-ray set includes the episodes on both high-definition Blu-ray, standard-definition DVD and UltraViolet downloads. The downloads are only available in the USA and must be redeemed within two years of the release date.

The bonus features are "One Small Step for Wolowitz, one Giant Leap for Primetime,  a look at Howard's space mission with the cast and real-life astronauts; "Houston, We Have A Sit-Com", a feature about the cast surprising Astronaut Joe Acaba with a live Skype chat as he orbits the earth in the International Space Station; "Electromagnetism", four featurettes looking at the season's best relationship moments; a Gag Reel, and the 2013 Paley Festival Q&A.

Pre-order The Big Bang Theory: Season 6 DVD from Amazon Pre-order The Big Bang Theory: Season 6 Blu-ray from Amazon

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, The Big Bang Theory: Season Six DVD and Blu-ray will be released on Monday, September 2. Both the DVD and Blu-ray also include UltraViolet downloads. The Big Bang Theory: Seasons 1-6 DVD box-set will also be released September 2nd, as will a Seasons 1-6 Blu-ray box-set.

The Big Bang Theory: Season 6 DVD and Blu-ray sets will be released in Australia on September 18. Both the DVD and the Blu-ray also include UltraViolet downloads of the episodes. You can pre-order now from

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Comments (15)

krissy Australia, 08:37 Dec 9 2013.
Seriously, what a whingy lot of people u all are! Just b glad its out! Yaaaay
geeksquad1 United States, 17:45 Sep 9 2013.
Sitcoms always release in different countries at different times. It just shows how most american have become cry babies in stead of waiting your turn.
Gallifrey United States, 03:35 Sep 2 2013.
Why do the Brits get the edge? This isn't Dr. Who!
April United States, 14:55 Aug 31 2013.
Can't wait! Almost done with season five
ny United States, 15:43 Aug 27 2013.
Why us have to wait to sep.10 and the others the sep2 that's not fair and take tha stupid Leonard out dont now how acting the best ar Sheldon Howard raj and amy
Frank Germany, 14:10 Aug 22 2013.
Will it also be released in germany?
Pasi Finland, 09:00 Aug 19 2013.
I want! When is the Region 2 version available with Finnish texts? Wife needs them :( otherwise i would buy this dvd immediately!
Zach Canada, 20:29 Aug 17 2013.
I am gonna buy it tonight!!!!!!
Gianluca Italy, 18:22 Aug 15 2013.
Lucky you guys, that can buy the DVD's. They have decided not to release them in Italy!
Rockie Canada, 22:29 Aug 14 2013.
Why is everyone bitching?

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