Big Bang Theory Guest Star Tournament: Result Posted July 23, 2013

Big Bang Theory Guest Star Tournament: Result

The final round of our Big Bang Theory: Guest Star Tournament has now closed and we are able to announce the winner. Nearly 6,000 votes were cast in this tournament and we want to thank everybody who voted.

Laurie Metcalf (Mary Cooper) beat Kevin Sussman (Stuart) to win the tournament with 64.85% of the final vote. The Roseanne and Toy Story actress has so far appeared in four episodes of The Big Bang Theory as Sheldon's religious Texan mother, Mary Cooper. Laurie Metcalf received 980 votes throughout the tournament. 

For a recap of the tournament, head over to our Big Bang Theory Guest Star Tournament page.

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Comments (8)

Donna Australia, 01:43 Aug 3 2013.
you are the best show in ausssie . Love penny and Sheldon regards Donna aussie Aussie oi oi oi
Franki United Kingdom, 10:09 Jul 30 2013.
OH wow that would be amazing sheldons mum and leonards mum that would just truly be amzing :)
Roger India, 01:57 Jul 29 2013.
I want to see Laurie Metcalf cast in more than one episode in coming season ..
charlotte kutch United States, 17:44 Jul 28 2013.
Omgoodness! We love Big Bang!! I have a dear friend who came to Sunday lunch every Sunday and he would knock 3 times and say Charlotte 3knocks Charlotte 3 knocks Charlotte. I loved it!!! He was an amazing man!! Unfortunatly we found him deceased in his home last Thursday. He had diabetes and health issues but I am so sad that I will never have the knocking entrance that he gave me again. He was a teacher in Moore Jr. High for many years He influenced many young kids to excel. He loved The Big Bang as well as NASCAR and we had many laughs about your show! Thank you for all our fun memories!!
cellochic Canada, 19:26 Jul 25 2013.
Having an episode with Sheldon and Leonard's mothers would be awesome; where would the writers begin!
AK Girl United States, 21:28 Jul 23 2013.
We want to know when Sheldon and Leonard's mothers will be in an episode together ??
Sylvia Stewart United Kingdom, 18:34 Jul 23 2013.
I agree with Joyce! Patrick Stewart (yay a uk person like me!) Or someone like that! It would be great to see more guest appearances, but love the show anyway :)
Joyce Hathaway United States, 18:24 Jul 23 2013.
That's good, but why not have a contest to nominate a potential future guest star? Maybe Patrick Stewart?

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