A look at The Big Bang Theory ad rates Posted August 13, 2013

A look at The Big Bang Theory ad rates

Rating for the 2012-13 television year were covered in several articles here. What is sometimes forgotten, is that television ratings are the major thing used to set ad rates for the various television shows. The article here discusses the ad rates for the top ten shows for the past year and the previous year.

Also looked at are the 18-49 demo ratings, how the top ten ratings compare to the top ten ad costs, the expensive and bargains based on a cost per ratings point, and some speculation as to the what ad rate we might expect for The Big Bang Theory, how much those ad rates bring in for CBS, and how that might affect the renegotiation for the renewal of The Big Bang Theory.

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Jim Pujol United States, 09:41 Sep 8 2013.
I was wondering that since Sheldon is always enlightening the audience with scientific trivia, if he might not enlighten them with some more useful home remedies based on science, like cleaning tarnished brass/copper with some lime juice and a little salt or washing chlorine bleach off your hands not with soap (a base) but by rinsing with Pepsi or Coca Cola. Could be good for product placement. Just a thought.
Veronica United States, 22:50 Aug 15 2013.
I would just like to applaud the show & it's cast overall for bringing to life the joy in education & the admiration of acquiring a PHD. I am about to acquire my B.A & was kinda scared for the future although my dream is to get a PHD so this show has really lightened up my expectations for the future. I know it might not all be real but it makes me realize that working hard towards something so grand can be very rewarding especially surrounded by good friends :) thanks again :))
harry arnott United Kingdom, 09:18 Aug 14 2013.
it was really good and has inspired me so to injoy physices and i now want a studdy it i am only 15 . it has help in school and its been really gdgd show
Lance Williams United States, 13:40 Aug 13 2013.
As a new twist the University should bestow a Doctorate on Howard for his work with ISS Hours of contention with Sheldon Just a thought

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