Jim Parsons wins Emmy award Posted September 22, 2013

Jim Parsons wins Emmy award

Jim Parsons won the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series Emmy award at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards today. This was the actor's fifth consecutive nomination for the award and third win, having previously taken the award home in 2010 and 2011. Parsons joins Dick Van Dyke, Tony Shalhoub, Don Adams and John Lithgow as actors who have won this award three times.

The other contenders for the award this year were 30 Rock's Alec Baldwin, Arrested Development's Jason Batemean, Louie's Louis C.K., House of Lies' Don Cheadle and Episodes' Matt LeBlanc.

Parsons' Emmy nomination this year was for the episode "The Habitation Configuration". In the episode, Sheldon is caught in the middle of an argument between his girlfriend Amy and Wil Wheaton. After Penny introduces Sheldon to the Long Island Iced Tea, a drunk Sheldon confronts Wil Wheaton at his home. Parsons won the Emmy in 2010 for the third season episode "The Pants Alternative", another episode in which Sheldon was drunk.

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Bridget United States, 22:44 Nov 10 2013.
This was my fave part of this years Emmys. BBT, to me, is more then a comedy show. Its magic and...well...long story.(personal story of mine) I LOVE Jim Parsons and Sheldon Copper and my biggist dream in the WORLD is to meet him...in person and hug him and have my pic taken with him!
Nuala Ireland, 17:46 Nov 6 2013.
Hiiiiiiii all the cast of the BBT but Jim Parson well he is just the ticket to watch here in EIRE on a cold wet dreary day .. Congrats from Dublin Jim we love you and the gang of course :-))) !!
Susie Spain, 09:14 Sep 29 2013.
Wonderful actor, wonderful part. The show would fall apart without him. Congratulatios.
Karen United States, 11:07 Sep 26 2013.
Love this guy and his character! I don't see how he does it.
Lauren Ramji India, 05:13 Sep 26 2013.
Congratulations to Jim Parsons, he's very good in his character.
Connie Wong Canada, 22:41 Sep 24 2013.
Well deserved! Congratulations Jim for making Sheldon the genius, literal, outspoken obnoxious but lovable child he is. No wonder meemaw calls the character moon pie.
bigun (stu, cos stu's got a big one and he's just begun) United Kingdom, 20:01 Sep 24 2013.
Maybe you could have the NeXt EpIsOdE as ----- Penny has hick-ups and leonard tries to cure them with a nearfield activator from a Nintendo Wii U as Women have no Adams apple. You could call it the Penny Coin Hypothesis!
Pam United States, 12:39 Sep 24 2013.
Congrats Dr. Cooper (Jim). Love all of you guys. You ALL do a fantastic job and you all have emmys in my eyes.
Alf Spain, 10:50 Sep 24 2013.
He deserved the Emmy prize more than anyone! Congratulations to Jim Parsons!
Dillon Mowat Australia, 07:39 Sep 24 2013.
I saw the emmy's it was greaat but it was fantastic that Jim Parson (Sheldon)got the emmy for favourite in lead actor for comdy series. Congradulations, Jim Parson

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