7.03 'The Scavenger Vortex' Promo Posted September 28, 2013

The promo for next week's episode of The Big Bang Theory, 7.03 "The Scavenger Vortex", has been uploaded to the show's official YouTube channel. Check out the video below or head over to YouTube to watch.

Episode: Scavenger Vortex.

More about the episode

'The Scavenger Vortex' - Season 7, Episode 3
Airs October 3, 2013 at 8/7c on CBS.

Raj devises a scavenger hunt for the gang, but the intense competition causes friction among the friends.

Comments (8)

lee United Kingdom, 14:45 Oct 10 2013.
tbbt is the best show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Felix Lopez  Puerto Rico, 18:42 Oct 6 2013.
ok...first of all, i am very dissapointed, i just tried to see the scavenger promo,the i see a message..'this video is private'..wao. i been a fan for the last 6 seasons..and this is how you respond?...and then, the instruction 'please write in english only'...i think that racist..maybe i won't see the show any more...gracias por nada
irene United States, 14:55 Oct 4 2013.
jeeees....loose the canned laughter. I have always known when to laugh.
Johan Holmlund Finland, 19:42 Oct 2 2013.
Thank you all for this great time spent at this awesome area of time. I am very thankful for people at the studio and 'subtv' in Finland to make this happen and real. My greetings are also in going to happiness.
a singh United Kingdom, 13:27 Oct 2 2013.
sooo funny
Pattie United States, 14:56 Sep 29 2013.
My husband & I really want to see John Goodman do a stint! Sheldon's dad?!?
Bill Frankland United Kingdom, 11:33 Sep 29 2013.
A suggestion rather than a comment. Would it be possible for Sheldon, thru administrative error or computer sabotage by some-one at the university, be conscripted into the army? He could be rescued by the action of some-one he despises (Dr Gabelhauser or Howard?). If this idea is of any use, treat it as your own; I want no reward, recognition or acknowledgement - my reward would be to see on my TV Sheldon coping with army discipline, army food, etc, or showing army instructors why they're wrong. And perhaps even having to be grateful to Dr Gabelhauser or Howard.
Derrick Braithwaite Canada, 11:31 Sep 29 2013.
Can't wait love the big bang theory have the dvds 1-4.

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