Bob Newhart returns to TBBT, Bill Nye guest stars Posted October 2, 2013

Bob Newhart returns to TBBT, Bill Nye guest stars

Emmy Award-winning actor Bob Newhart is set to return as Professor Proton in the November 7 episode of The Big Bang Theory. Bill Nye, the Science Guy, will guest star as himself in the episode.

In the episode, after Professor Proton seeks Leonard's help with an experiment, a hurt Sheldon responds by befriending a rival TV science show host, Bill Nye.

Bob Newhart recently won an Emmy Award, the first in his decades long career, for his guest apperance on The Big Bang Theory last season. When the legendary comedic actor agreed to guest star on the show, it was on the understanding he would appear in more than one episode.

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Gerry Summerscales United Kingdom, 09:08 Oct 6 2013.
Bob can get a bigger laugh with just a heavy sigh and a raised eyebrow, then most shows can get in an episode
TimBurtonKid United States, 18:56 Oct 3 2013.
OMG!!!! when Professor Proton was on the show all I could think of was Bill Nye. And now, they'll both be in an episode together?!?!?!?!?! YAY
jinky United States, 14:54 Oct 2 2013.
more of Bob please? he's just too cool.
Michael J Frost United Kingdom, 14:10 Oct 2 2013.
Cant wait to see Bob,the man is a legendary poker faced stand up comedian and guy.Just wish there were more like him,stomach grabbing funny without saying a word,comic genius.

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