Weekly Ratings Recap (Week 8)

Weekly Ratings Recap (Week 8)

For a round-up of how The Big Bang Theory has performed in various ratings over the last week, head over to our forums to read the weekly update from Rick K.

This week's update includes a look at the Live +7-Day DVR ratings for the sixth week of the season, the weekly rankings for the seventh week of the new season and an update on The Big Bang Theory's ratings in syndication.

  Posted November 15 2013 in The Big Bang Theory.

Tags: ratings, Season 7.

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Ronnie Hardy United States, 09:14 Nov 23 2013.
Keep up the good work guys best show on TV by far and I will always keep watching it I think the writers do a great job writing the script for the cast and the cast execute perfectly my dream is to be a part of the Big Bang Theory working for the network it's almost like a second family to me I love it that much
Scott United States, 22:17 Nov 15 2013.
Use to enjoy the show but now all it does is talk about sex. Keep that in the bedroom and give us something we can as a family, watch a show together. Enough already.
Jess mawhinney United Kingdom, 13:18 Nov 15 2013.
I love the Big Bang theory and I'm only ten I started watching when I was eight and don't think I'm crazy because I watch it at this age and my only comment is that I think jim parsons is a great actor and that he should be in it a little bit more often and that u could make a Big Bang theory the movie because a lot of people love it I mean I'm watching the big bangy right now and I've got every episode on DVD and my hole family love it its so exciting when new ones come on because we'll we love it so much

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