7.08 'The Itchy Brain Simulation' Ratings

7.08 'The Itchy Brain Simulation' Ratings

Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory dominated its time slot and the night, posting week-to-week gains.

"The Itchy Brain Simulation" was watched by 18.30 million people. The show added 1.41 million viewers from last week. This was the show's largest audience since the second episode of the season, "The Deception Verification", aired on September 26 (in the later 8:30 time slot).

The Big Bang Theory also posted gains in the key adults 18-49 demographic, rising to a 5.2/17 rating. This was up three tenths from last week's 4.9/15. This was the show's best performance in the demo since "The Scavenger Vortex" on October 3.

The Big Bang Theory was the night's #1 program in viewers, adults 25-54 and adults 18-49.

  Posted November 15 2013 in The Big Bang Theory.

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P.M. United States, 20:29 Nov 29 2013.
I usually laugh out loud watching TBBT. This episode was uncomfortable to watch and not funny at all. Leonard's pain and Sheldon's sadistic behavior are far from funny.
matthew johnson  United Kingdom, 05:26 Nov 21 2013.
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Phil United Kingdom, 15:00 Nov 19 2013.
Its a bloody TV show and a very funny one, get over it.
Eleni Parashaki Greece, 13:37 Nov 18 2013.
I think the whole point of the episode was to show Sheldon as a true evil character, Leonard the victim, and Raj as the absolute pathetic loser of the show. I really don't think it's comedy at all, and not the brilliant show TBBT used to be. Now the writers just make fun of the characters, and even humiliate them. Maybe some people laugh at this, but I find it sad to watch, and I think it should stop.
ThatDeborahGirl United States, 08:14 Nov 18 2013.
This episode was incredible, what is wrong with you people? This was the ultimate experience in learning what it's like to be Sheldon. Sheldon wasn't cruel to Leonard. If anything it was a lesson that Leonard needed to learn. http://alturl.com/g5p38 This episode had so many awesome moments, I can't even name them all. I've watched it twice and this episode is nothing short of brilliant. It's definitely in my top 10 favorites.
Ankit Jain India, 21:05 Nov 16 2013.
Writers, Huddle up, you guys are better than this. This one just Falls flat and the only humorous thing about the show is....oh wait there isnt any !!!
Theresa United States, 19:27 Nov 15 2013.
I just would love to know if Sheldon won trips to how spaghetti is made then go to the hot dog factory to see how that is made followed up with penny making spaghetti and hot dogs like mom made after his free trip
Alex United States, 17:20 Nov 15 2013.
We love the show but this was the worst episode ever. Sheldon and Leonard were way out of character with Sheldon being so cruel to Leonard making him wear the sweater and Leonard not having the sense to remove it after he was clearly having a severe allergic reaction to the sweater. We really didn't feel this was funny at all and not up to the shows writers usual standards.

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