7.09 'The Thanksgiving Decoupling' Pictures

Pictures from next week's Thanksgiving-themed episode of The Big Bang Theory, 7.09 "The Thanksgiving Decoupling", have been added to our gallery. Casey Sander returns as Mike Rostenkowski, Bernadette's father, and Brian Thomas Smith reprises his role as Zack, Penny's ex-boyfriend.

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  Posted November 16 2013 in The Big Bang Theory.

Comments (14)

Deborah Roberta  Brazil, 15:23 Nov 26 2013.
i love this episode, awesome!!! penny's husband was perfect, hhhhh
Mel United States, 15:38 Nov 23 2013.
Thanksgiving episode was awful. Sheldon is a mean jerk. Amy needs to dump him. Penny has turned into a dumb blonde, not the common sense one she once was. Why was she arguing with Leonard over her stupidity when he stated it could wait.
Fred United States, 11:00 Nov 23 2013.
Please do not bring any babies into the show. Keep the comedy coming! Would love to see Howards Mom.
Ancient Wind Australia, 09:53 Nov 23 2013.
Don't wonder if you should stop your vanity cards. DON'T STOP.
Chip United States, 20:53 Nov 22 2013.
Funniest ever. Great gag with Bernadette and the marshmallows. Sheldon and Mike Rostenkowski bonding over football, terrific. The show needs more Zach and less of Howard's mother.
Dave Mexico, 17:23 Nov 22 2013.
One of the best episodes ever ! I was laughing like crazy
josephm United States, 14:15 Nov 22 2013.
thank you, the thanksgiving episode was funny and thank god you didn't have Lenard and penny break up. 100% better than last week which was the worst show you ever put on tv. keep up the good work.
Amy United States, 11:42 Nov 22 2013.
Great episode - true to form. Loved seeing another side of Sheldon. Penny & Leonard bickering, and poor ignored Howard were kind of played out, but loved Raj & the girls in the kitchen.
Gie Canada, 23:28 Nov 21 2013.
So funny when Sheldon (drunk)spank Amy,laughing myself to death
SALLY ALEXANDER-GRAVES United States, 22:32 Nov 21 2013.
Just watched the Thanksgiving Episode. Funniest one yet !! And I've seen most of them. Kudos !!

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