7.09 'The Thanksgiving Decoupling' Ratings

7.09 'The Thanksgiving Decoupling' Ratings

Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory dominated its time slot to rank as the night's most-watched and highest-rated broadcast. The Big Bang Theory had more viewers and a higher rating in the key demos than the other four networks combined.

"The Thanksgiving Decoupling", the show's first ever Thanksgiving episode, had 18.94 million viewers. This was 640,000 more people than last week's episode and was the show's biggest audience since 7.02 "The Deception Verification".

In the key adults 18-49 demographic, The Big Bang Theory scored a 5.3/16 rating, up a tenth from last week, in its best performance since September 26.

  Posted November 22 2013 in The Big Bang Theory.

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James Julian Australia, 06:27 Feb 12 2014.
Just saw this episode in Australia - a real masterpiece. Sheldon's crazy laugh after telling everyone he puked on some clowns was too funny. Please give us more quirky Sheldon.
Livan Canada, 15:12 Dec 5 2013.
I love the show, all seasons. Some people feel the show should be written to fit their opinions of where the show should go. You can't please everybody. Some say they liked the show at the beginning but now.... again, it has to evolve, otherwise it would be dead by now.
Eleni Parashaki Greece, 13:56 Nov 27 2013.
I really enjoyed Zach in this episode, and I think he should come back in the show. I did not enjoy Bernadette's father and Sheldon's spanking and stupid jokes! I completely agree with Mel, but I know the writers won't change anything. These couples won't break up, I'm afraid...
gator_b United States, 07:30 Nov 24 2013.
How about a Jewish girlfriend for Raj? That way the parents of both can get involved and Howard can help Raj with the cultural differences.
Chen Canada, 00:28 Nov 24 2013.
I don't like this episode. Too many jokes among family just become making me sick. Howard deserved better treat by his father in law and Penny become annoying after she invited Zack. if this is how your editors work on, I'm leaving the show.
Juliana United States, 22:35 Nov 23 2013.
I am a closet Big bang theory watcher and now I am out!!!!!! truly the best episode ever!!!! I love TBBT!!!!! I want the past seasons on dvd for CHRISTmas tho catch up!!!!! keep on doing what what you do best!!!
Danielle Australia, 18:12 Nov 23 2013.
the best and most funniest show ever Loveeee your show !
Mel United States, 16:43 Nov 23 2013.
I wish the writers would go back to Sheldon being quirky, not mean. Amy should dumb Sheldon. Penny was the common sense person in the bunch, now she's a stupid blonde with a drink in her hand. I want to yell at Leonard to run, run far away from Penny.
Gay Orand United States, 14:48 Nov 23 2013.
Thanksgiving...the best episode ever...the interplay between Sheldon and Mike had me needing a potty break! As a side note, Amy, Bernadette, Zack and Stewart are wonderful. Like Raj, I wonder what Penny sees in Leonard....WAY too needy and pathetic.
Ruth Antonowich United States, 21:50 Nov 22 2013.
Last nites episode was super...the writers rock on!

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