7.10 'The Discovery Dissipation' Ratings Posted December 6, 2013

7.10 'The Discovery Dissipation' Ratings

Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory slipped to second place in some ratings, faced with extraordinarily strong competition from NBC's The Sound of Music Live! Despite the tougher competition, The Big Bang Theory still finished first in the adults 18-49 demographic for its time slot.

"The Discovery Dissipation" was watched by 15.63 million people. The show's audience was down by 3.31 million people from the last original episode on November 21 and was a season low. The Big Bang Theory placed second in viewers and households behind NBC's The Sound of Music Live! NBC's musical broadcast averaged 18.62 million viewers over its three hour broadcast, peaking in the 8:30-9:00 time period.

The Big Bang Theory maintained its lead position in the 18-49 demo in its time slot. This week's episode scored a 4.8/14 rating, down five tenths from the previous episode to a season low. The Big Bang Theory had a .4 lead on The Sound of Music Live!'s 4.4/13 in the shared half hour. The Big Bang Theory also topped the NBC musical's average rating of 4.6/13 in the 18-49 demo across its three-hour broadcast, though the ratings for TSOML's later half-hours are set to be the night's highest ratings in the demo.

More about the episode

'The Discovery Dissipation' - Season 7, Episode 10
Airs December 5, 2013 at 8/7c on CBS.

Sheldon is comforted by Leonard and Amy when his accidental science discovery is disproved. Meanwhile, Raj stays at Howard and Bernadette's apartment for the week.

Comments (7)

soft kitty United States, 22:52 Dec 11 2013.
This really is the worst season ever. The show is Leonard-centric. It has become solely about couples. I absolutely agree with Eleni that the characters have become stereotypes - Penny has one joke: alcohol; Leonard is an arrogant *ss; Amy has become whiney and entirely lost any personality (same with Raj and Howard)... Sheldon was always my favorite character. He was wonderfully hubris and I loved his OCD moments! Now his character has a whiney child's voice and most new episodes are centered on being mean to Sheldon. Also, how can the actors act with such awful lines? The poor quality of writing has made the cast seem as if they don't mesh. Very weird.
fred Hungary, 09:02 Dec 11 2013.
Somehow I feel that the writers are now ripping off old episodes. I mean the entire storyline of Sheldon discovering something (monopoles/new element) which turns out to be false (the guys were switching a can opener on and off/Sheldon realizes he misread the measurements) he gets invited to Ira Flatow's show where he screws up (Kripke pumps Helium in Sheldon's office/he storms off mid-interview) Kripke makes fun of him and he ditches his friends has already been done word for word in Season 3. Also I feel that recent episodes lack a conclusion, the plots are just left hanging in the air, sort of going nowhere with the characters now living their lives in mostly separate groups so the old chemistry and group dynamics are gone.
ISF United States, 16:22 Dec 10 2013.
This has got to be the w.o.r.s.t e.p.i.s.o.d.e e.v.e.r! Who was on strike when this piece of filler was written? There were virtually no laughs, just normally loved characters being annoying.
Eleni Parashaki Greece, 13:23 Dec 10 2013.
Season 7 is, in my opinion, unfunny. The show has been dumbed down and the humour became slapstick. The focus is on the couples, and how funny can this be; Nothing really happens, and the once lovable characters have become stereotypes. I think they really should change writers if they want to regain some of the old magic back.
joseph m United States, 14:30 Dec 7 2013.
GOOD SHOW,a hesk of a lot better than the " itchy brain' SHOW THE WORST SHOW YOU HAVE EVER PUT ON TV. a lot more love between Lenard and penny please.
Janie United Kingdom, 11:08 Dec 7 2013.
Not enjoying Tbbt this season what has happened? Still the old ones are fab but ttfn
DY United States, 04:04 Dec 7 2013.
It was hilarious. I like it.

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