7.11 'The Cooper Extraction' Pictures

Pictures from tomorrow's episode of The Big Bang Theory, 7.11 "The Cooper Extraction", have been added to our gallery. Laurie Metcalf reprises her role as Sheldon's mother, Mary Cooper, and Brian Thomas Smith returns as Zack in this Christmas episode.

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  Posted December 11, 2013 in The Big Bang Theory.

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Ralph from London United Kingdom, 16:34 Jan 14 2014.
Always been a fan. But just watched the treasure hunt episode. Please don't do any more like it! I have to work for a living and I cannot stop giggling and laughing out loud. People will think I'm nuts...Oh wait
Chris United States, 17:15 Jan 12 2014.
Now I'm not 100% sure how many comments like this go through or have been said, but I really think the show should bring up the fact that penny ( kaley cuoco) has done a commercial with William shatner in real life, it would not only give the guys something to nerd out about and it would also give penny a national commercial
Avid watcher - but for how long? United States, 00:27 Dec 30 2013.
Penny needs to leave the show. Even with the little she has "added" In the last few episodes she seems to be dead weight to the fluidness of the characters. Plus -speaking of dead weight; it seems as if shes gained about thirty pounds since the beginning of the show. The weight must be have been gained from all that "t.v. Money" and the lack of trying to do a good job.
jedi master United Kingdom, 14:41 Dec 17 2013.
yes! another Christmas episode
Irma Meyers Canada, 12:58 Dec 13 2013.
This episode (the Cooper Extraction) was proof that even a great sitcom - which I've been watching from the very beginning - can have a bad night. Did you hire a group of hack sit-com writers for this episode? The fantasy sequences were a sit-com cliche, the fat suits a stupid gimmick, the repeated references to peeing one's pants were vulgar and the corpse of Mrs. Walowitz was just plain creepy! I have a feeling you jumped the shark with this episode.
KimGonzalez United States, 02:20 Dec 13 2013.
I don't know what to say...Wow! :)
Bette Lou Canada, 20:34 Dec 12 2013.
Loved it! Laughed so hard. Congrats on nominations. Keep up the great work.

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