The Big Bang Theory T-Shirts of the Month Contest Posted February 17, 2014

We have teamed up with to highlight two officially licensed Big Bang Theory t-shirts this month and give one away to a lucky winner. Read our review of the two TBBT tees below and then head over to our contest page for your chance to win one of these t-shirts from The contest is open worldwide!

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Others are Stupid T-Shirt

I Cry Because Others Are Stupid T-Shirt

This black Big Bang Theory t-shirt features Sheldon's quote “I cry because others are stupid and it makes me sad”. The quote is rendered in a yellow, bitmap font with a large Sad Face emoticon, giving the t-shirt a geeky look reminiscent of a computer terminal. As you would expect from an officially licensed product, the t-shirt is faultless. The material is fairly soft and the artwork is well printed.

Sheldon said this classic line in the third season episode “The Gorilla Experiment”, in which he tried to teach Penny “a little physics”. When Penny gets lost and begins to cry, Sheldon asks her why she is crying. Penny tells Sheldon she's crying because she's stupid, to which Sheldon responds that he cries because other people are stupid and that makes him sad.

Bazinga Superheroes T-Shirt

Bazinga Superheroes T-Shirt

This black Big Bang Theory t-shirt features the entire gang in cartoon form, dressed up as a gang of superheroes. The t-shirt has a shield design and Sheldon's catchphrase, “Bazinga!”, printed above in comic lettering. Again, the t-shirt itself is great quality with the image well printed and the material fairly soft.

The characters' costumes include some great little details. Howard is wearing his customary Alien belt buckle. Leonard, who is holding a weapon, has the laser symbol as his icon, along with an “L” belt buckle. Sheldon's superhero logo features a representation of the Doppler Effect from his Halloween costume. Naturally, Amy's superhero symbol, as neuroscientist, is a brain and honoring his Indian heritage, Raj's icon is a Sanskrit symbol.

Enter the contest now for your chance to win one of these official The Big Bang Theory T-Shirts [Open Worldwide].

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Comments (21)

Marshmallow man Spain, 16:14 Feb 26 2014.
have you got a winner for the t-shirt yet? i really hope its me!!!!!
sweetgirl United States, 14:17 Feb 24 2014.
I love this show....i just wish some of the things said on the show, they would learn to try not to tip toe around the worlds feeling.
awesomealie United States, 11:29 Feb 22 2014.
I was watching the Muppet where "Sheldon" was singing..and a awesome and fun thing that The Big Bang Theory should have a epiosde were its a musical or all of them are muppets..i think that be awesome..what you think?
Mike United States, 20:06 Feb 20 2014.
Why am I watching a rerun in prime time ?
charli United Kingdom, 07:51 Feb 18 2014.
I so want this t shirt it is so good!
April12 Canada, 22:23 Feb 16 2014.
of Amy and Sheldon KIss
Jaco van der Merwe United Kingdom, 16:01 Feb 16 2014.
Luv this show. Its the gr8est. BAZINGA all the way.
angelica Mexico, 14:21 Feb 16 2014.
I love the big bang theory
mairi mclean United Kingdom, 14:02 Feb 16 2014.
Luv luv luv it
Sissy Canada, 13:59 Feb 10 2014.
"Lock up your daughters, we're going to hit it and quit it" is a very demoralizing ad offensive statement. What really gets me is the person that says it would be more than likely talking about men if he had his way. Please, writers, reconsider writing stuff like that in the future.

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