'The Locomotive Manipulation' Ratings Posted February 7, 2014

'The Locomotive Manipulation' Ratings

Last night's The Big Bang Theory episode finished a strong second place in the ratings for its time period, finishing behind NBC's coverage of The Olympics.

"The Locomotive Manipulation", which featured a big moment for Sheldon and Amy, had an audience of 17.53 million people. This was down by 1.52 million from last week's episode. NBC's Olympic coverage had 20.02 million viewers across its three hour broadcast.

In the key adults 18-49 demographic, The Big Bang Theory equaled its 5.2/15 rating even with tough competition from NBC, which itself scored a 6.0/17 rating.

The Big Bang Theory is in repeats for the next two weeks, owing partly to the extra competition from the Olympics, so the next episode will air Thursday, February 27.

More about the episode

'The Locomotive Manipulation' - Season 7, Episode 15
Airs February 6, 2014 at 8/7c on CBS.

Amy surprises Sheldon with a romantic weekend that even he can't say no to: a weekend trip to Napa Valley aboard a vintage train. Meanwhile, when Leonard and Penny spend Valentine's day caring for Raj's dog, the special day ends with a journey to the vet.

Comments (33)

Jonathan Scutt Australia, 16:38 Apr 1 2014.
They got the name of THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD & ALCO PA wrong! For us railfans that's like saying George Lucas created Star Trek. Blasphemy!
Rach Australia, 08:07 Mar 11 2014.
OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGG. i absolutely loved this episode especially when they kissed! wish we could see Amy & Sheldon's relationship grow; i mean it has been more than 3 years!! cant wait for the next few episodes & season eight!
Anne Morris United States, 20:12 Feb 18 2014.
Absolutely loved the Locomotive Manipulation. When the series ends, I believe Sheldon should go off with his own kind (brilliant train nerds)and Amy should hook up with an incredibly hot guy named Raoul.
Larry United States, 14:48 Feb 16 2014.
I don't know about this episode. I think a show needs to come out in which Sheldon's autism becomes an issue. Maybe that would be too heavy for this series, but seriously, he's obviously autistic in the way he's portrayed by the writers. And I'd like to see an episode where Leonard and Penny are again the focus, in a positive way. They need to run off and get hitched. Raj: I doubt the vet really works out for him. Somehow the writers want him to keep screwing up. Wolowitz? Going back to space? Really? More creativity please! They already did that one.
Craig Canada, 21:15 Feb 14 2014.
This is my favourite show on TV. I love every single character. But I do agree, it's time to get Raj a girlfriend. He's so lonely.
Lisa United States, 20:06 Feb 14 2014.
That moment when Sheldon kissed Amy - amazing! I loved that whole scene. I wish Sheldon would see the treasure that Amy is - she is the world's best girlfriend! She gets major points for putting up with him!! Sheldon is my favorite robot, though. Love him! And I am really, really pulling for Amy.
Gentini Gklife United Kingdom, 11:02 Feb 14 2014.
I like the show so much and is very inspiring, in fact most of the A-level student in The U-K watch it. I would love to know what the Atom it is in the opening? Thanks
Felicia United States, 10:02 Feb 14 2014.
I Am Term Shelly(Sheldon ) from day 1 I think he makes nerd very sexy######
Don Draper Canada, 18:25 Feb 13 2014.
Hear the news? Jim Parson's hosting SNL on Saturday, March 1/14? Wow! That's awesome! He'll do an awesome job! I'm sure he'll poke fun at the TBBT! To the TBBT Producers: The recent episode with James Earl Jones & Carrie Fisher was spectacularly funny! Please bring them back! Thank you so much! Now, please get William Shatner, Adam West, & Mark Hammil or Harrison Ford to be on TBBT!
katy United Kingdom, 16:42 Feb 13 2014.
Does anyone know what date this will be aired in the uk? Thanks!

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