7.17 'The Friendship Turbulence' Pictures Posted March 5, 2014

Pictures from tomorrow's episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Friendship Turbulence", have been added to our gallery. Check out the pictures below and head over to the gallery to see all the photos from Thursday's new episode.

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'The Friendship Turbulence' - Season 7, Episode 17
Airs March 6, 2014 at 8/7c on CBS.

When Howard and Sheldon get into a tiff, Bernadette tries to bring the friends back together. Meanwhile, Penny is offered an embarrassing movie part, while Raj gets Amy to contact a woman on his behalf.

Comments (11)

Allan bull Australia, 05:06 Mar 28 2014.
Is there a book with all the quotes at the end of every show
Lisha Hutchins United States, 21:22 Mar 23 2014.
Tie Penny's acting into her commercials for price line! Double win for sit com and commercial
Eleni Parashaki Greece, 12:26 Mar 10 2014.
What happened to the vet; I thought Raj was going to call her up, but he didn't. Is he such a loser now, that he can't even make a simple call to a woman who liked him; What exactly are the writers doing with his character; I'm afraid they'll bring creepy Lucy back...
Ryan United States, 22:08 Mar 8 2014.
Michael - That game is Axis and Allies! I've waited so long for them to play it in this show! http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/41863/axis-allies-1942
rachel heller United States, 14:37 Mar 7 2014.
I liked this episode. The Sheldon and Howard story was funny and the Penny and Leonard story was sweet. I liked the pairing of Raj and Amy, but Raj has to learn to talk to women himself. Poetry is fine,but be yourself first. Good show last night.
asd Hungary, 13:45 Mar 7 2014.
Oh my god..What the hell was that -.- quality is dropping like a stone, this episode wasn't even funny...at all..The first seasons were the best...and now some emotional crap without the heavy scientific jokes and puns that made this series unique, worst of all the references for earlier episodes are inconsistent!!! this is a huge disappointment...
Don Draper Canada, 12:29 Mar 7 2014.
Great quotes: "C 3 Pee Wee O!" / "I have to keep these gorilla hands from killing people!" "Finish each others sen...I am not gonna say it!" Seinfeld Reunion on TBBT please. Also Friends Reunion on TBBT: Ross teaches at the University & Joey stars in a movie with Penny. More sci fan stars: Sigourney Weaver, Lynda Carter, Linda Hamilton, Harrison Ford, Dean Cain, Mark Hammil, William Shatner, Adam West, Robert Downy Jr, Tom Hiddleston. Please bring back James Earl Jones & Carrie Fisher-that was a hilarious episode! And have the gang go to Comicon as the Watchmen:Leonard-Owl, Howard-Rorschach, Penny-Silk Spectre, Raj-Ozymandius, & a naked blue Sheldon as Dr. Manhattan. That would be hilarious!
Gina Greece, 10:22 Mar 7 2014.
One of my favorite episodes! I love how they mix and match different characters! I also enjoy seeing everyone grow up and mature! The scenes on the plaine soooo funny!!!
Michael United States, 21:03 Mar 6 2014.
What game are they playing in this episode? That board looks intense!
Animesh Sinha India, 05:37 Mar 6 2014.
I would like to address this to the crators of the show, that you are digressing from the original plot, which was great. Change in Sheldon with touch fobia, or love for Amy, is just taking the show away from its roots. Sheldon was best in season 1 not in season 6. By the by, I love the show even the way it is today.

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