7.18 'The Mommy Observation' Press Release Posted March 6, 2014

7.18 'The Mommy Observation' Press Release

CBS has put out the press release for next Thursday's episode of The Big Bang Theory. Laurie Metcalf (Roseanne) reprises her role as Mary Cooper, Sheldon's mother, in this episode.

The Mommy Observation – When Sheldon visits his Mom in Houston, he is forced to confront a new reality. Meanwhile, Raj’s ‘Murder Mystery’ party starts some fights within the gang, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, March 13 (8:00 – 8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

More information about this episode can be found in our Episode Guide.

More about the episode

'The Mommy Observation' - Season 7, Episode 18
Airs March 13, 2014 at 8/7c on CBS.

When Sheldon stops by his mom's house in Texas, he must learn to deal with her new romantic status. Meanwhile, Raj throws a Murder Mystery party for the gang.

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Eleni Parashaki Greece, 10:20 Mar 10 2014.
I agree with SpamBot about Howard. He was much funnier when he was single, and I absolutely hate Bernadette. The Raj situation is a very tough one, because the writers have totally messed up with his character. I think they seriously don't know what to do with him anymore. He used to be my favorite part, but now I don't know who he is. Maybe the writers should be written off the show!
Deb United States, 19:08 Mar 9 2014.
I think penny needs to land a priceline commerciL with Shatner on the show. The nerds would love that if Shatner would do a guest appearance. Another idea is let her find an extremely rare comic book in a box at a garage sale, or estate sale. Say there are a pair of designer shoes in the box , she buys the box, and there is other stuff in it, and one thing is a very rare comic book. Have fun with that idea.
Laer United States, 12:58 Mar 9 2014.
Want to see Raj have a girlfriend. There's so many ways they can make him & her relationship uncertain & yet funny. Like the one with the deaf girl. I have a feeling Penny is going to get an acting role soon. Not a huge one but one which has lots of comic potential.
SpamBot........Just kidding India, 10:36 Mar 8 2014.
make bernadette go on a "trip" so that howard can become creepy again (the only reason he is funny) and slow down the relationship things. the show should be more about the nerd behaviour. Sheldon has changed so much and really does not annoy anyone much (which was my favourite part)
Sam United Kingdom, 14:01 Mar 7 2014.
why would they remove raj, amy or bernadette when the shows continues to get huge numbers and these all started coming once the guys got girlfriends/wife. however with raj the writers need to make their mind up with him hes getting to creepy now hes sort of like how howard was in the early seasons. they got two options with raj, one they make him into this creepy character we see atm or two they (writers) actually knuckle down with some character development and get him a girlfriend who is similar to him or at least give him hope
Don Draper Canada, 11:24 Mar 7 2014.
Keep Raj, and have a story arc with a hot girlfriend. Amy & Bernadette have jumped the sh*rk, time for them to go the way of Leslie Winkle. They can be brought back on special occasions. More of Stuart & Barry Kripke. Land Penny a movie role with a real life star, like Benedict Cumberpatch or Tom Hiddleston or Robert Downey Jr. or Jared Leto or Matthew McConnaughey. And get Sheldon to have a dream sequence where he imagines he's in the Justice League Movie with Dean Cain as Superman, Adam West & Burt Ward as Batman & Robin, Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, Lou Ferrigno as Hulk, Mark Hammil as the Joker and William Shatner as Aquaman! That would be hilarious.
Tom S United States, 10:38 Mar 7 2014.
Raj needs to be written out of the show. He's become an annoying fifth wheel, with serious emotional and psychological issues he can't or won't deal with. Perhaps he could be hired at M.I.T. or by some physics institute back in India. This character is now a drag on the show, not an asset,

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