7.19 'The Indecision Amalgamation' Ratings

7.19 'The Indecision Amalgamation' Ratings

Last night's The Big Bang Theory dominated its time period to rank as the night's most-watched and highest-rated broadcast.

This week's episode, "The Indecision Amalgamation", had an audience of 17.73 million people, adding 390,000 viewers over the previous episode. The Big Bang Theory scored a 4.9/18 rating in the key adults 18-49 demographic, flat on the March 13 episode.

  Posted April 4, 2014 in The Big Bang Theory.

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snoozebar United States, 16:26 Apr 11 2014.
Would of been funnier that one was on when the PS4 or XBox One first came out.
sarah Ireland, 03:06 Apr 8 2014.
Not the best episode and I am a hard core fan. It had a few funny moments but the episode was over loaded with three stories. It was too commercialise with brand placement of xbox and ps4. Giving us usless facts and sheldon bis weeks behind as both systems c*m* out b4 xmas! Now loved the butter scene cause if amys reaction and jim did pull if the continuous lines but the words were crap. The development of the relationship with date night kiss was good touch but amy is so stiff and wooden at both moments its getting annoying as sheldon has let go of some of his restrictions but amy seems now to hold back as she needs to actbon all that talk from season 4 and 5! From those seasons you think she is wilder than what she seems, might need to be looked at. Raj dinner scene was sweet but penny story should have been centred story more.
Zuza Poland, 04:56 Apr 7 2014.
Definitely one of the best episodes with 'please pass the butter'- the best scene EVER! I litterally cried...
Kace United States, 20:38 Apr 6 2014.
It's not the group anymore. They are always separated with their gfs. Howard needs to be a "player" again. The show gets stale when they change their characters original personality. No one like Barney (how I met your morher) when they put him in relationships. We need episodes of the group together without all the girls. Sheldon is completely different and takes away the comedy of him being different.
Laer United States, 18:44 Apr 6 2014.
Good for Penny taking an acting job. It's money, and experience. Natalie Portman said even the worst movie's taught her something. And who knows where it might lead.
Iris Brazil, 16:42 Apr 6 2014.
"Pass the butter" is the best scene in the whole TBBT ever! I LOL every time I watch it!
rachel heller United States, 16:21 Apr 6 2014.
I love this episode. Amy's reactions to Sheldon were priceless. I loved Will Wheaton. Also, I hope Raj and Emily keep dating. Good job,guys!
Danielle United States, 10:13 Apr 6 2014.
This episode was by far the best of the season thus far. While past S7 episodes have been funny at times, this was funny throughout. The unexpected and utterly delightful Shamy scenes made me exult so loudly I was worried people would call security. I'm glad the show is not ignoring the progression of their relationship. It is one of the core reasons many female viewers stay glued to the show. Thanks for an awesome episode and I hope there will be many more in a similar light.
tariq India, 10:00 Apr 6 2014.
This episode is certainly one of the best episodes of TBBT. The best part imo was how Amy was playing along with Sheldon sarcastically, fun to see how Sheldon as usual believing it. And I really wish Emily and Raj to be together.
susyal Argentina, 23:59 Apr 5 2014.
I love this episode! I love SHAMY,their kiss, and all the "buying system scene"! I love all the Raj stuff, and I think Emily if for him! Bernadette was funny! TBBT is the best!!!

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