Weekly Ratings Recap (Week 29)

Weekly Ratings Recap (Week 29)

For a round-up of how The Big Bang Theory has performed in various ratings over the last week, head over to our forums to read the weekly update from Rick K. The ratings guide also includes the schedule for upcoming broadcasts and tapings of The Big Bang Theory.

This week's update includes a look at the Live +7-Day DVR ratings for the twenty-sixth week of the season, an update on the weekly rankings for the twenty-eighth week of the season, and a look at the show's ratings in syndication for week twenty-eight, and an update on the ratings for Monday's special rebroadcast of The Big Bang Theory.

  Posted April 11 2014 in The Big Bang Theory.

Tags: ratings, Season 7.

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Ian David  Australia, 06:16 May 9 2014.
Please Please Please write an episode where the go on Eggheads (the UK quiz show) Sheldon v CJ would be hysterical.From a Aussie fan :)
Road Warrior Crocodile Canada, 18:16 Apr 19 2014.
Sheldon has a dream: Sheldon is the Flash in a new Justice League Movie: Dean Cain as Superman, Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, Adam West & Burt Ward as Batman & Robin, Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, Tom Hiddleston (Loki) as Shazam, and William Shatner as Aquaman! That would be hilarious!

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