CBS announces fall premiere dates Posted June 24, 2014

CBS announces fall premiere dates

CBS has announced its fall premiere dates, confirming that The Big Bang Theory will return for its eighth season on Monday, September 22. The show is temporarily moving to Monday nights to start the season, with CBS's newly acquired Thursday Night Football occupying the show's home until the end of October.

The Big Bang Theory's eighth season will premiere Monday, September 22 at 8pm with two back-to-back episodes. The Big Bang Theory will air on Monday nights through October 23, after which it will return to its Thursday home starting October 30.

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Amy Martin Canada, 19:18 Jul 23 2014.
I can't wait for the coming season. Will Penny and Leonard be living together when Sheldon returns? If so what will them living together be like? I keep envisioning Leonard wanting to nerd up the place. I doubt Penny would allow it but it'd be awesome if they did up a Batman kitchen like my husband and I are planning to do (my idea). Embrace the nerd, Penny!
Dmitry Russia, 04:02 Jul 22 2014.
Thank God and Wendy from UK I'm not crazy! I do feel that TBBT reminds me Friends all the time. It's not about characters, is't about situations and ways of resolving them. And... well they are friends, those cute nerds. I'll be still serving in army by the time it's gonna air, so need to start thinking on my way to get some TV time here
wendy United Kingdom, 07:39 Jul 9 2014.
love this program but does nobody else feel its friends all over again penny-rachel, bernadet-monica,amy-phoebe, lenoard -ross , howard - chandler raj - joey
David Uwimbabazi Norway, 01:12 Jul 8 2014.
HALLO, KATE First of all Sheldon does not have sexual feeling to women. Sheldon and Penny have friendship, not relationship. second Penny and Leonard are already engaged. That's good. besides Leonard deserve to marry penny because he has earned it.
lilee Australia, 21:37 Jul 5 2014.
Love this program. Hope Stuart has more appearances on the show.
pedicoba United States, 16:41 Jul 1 2014.
Yes! I can't wait to tell all my friends. We're the real life TBBT gang.
kate Sri Lanka, 03:51 Jul 1 2014.
can't wait to see the next season... and it will be amazing to see if a sheldon and penny relationship building..because there is so much chemistry.. it feels like they belong together. their fights, slowly growing affection to each other, well a lot fans wish for it.. so don't let it be lenord.. let it be sheldon
kylieah Australia, 21:36 Jun 30 2014.
Thats too long! I can't wait
yaneth Poland, 02:40 Jun 30 2014.
Bazinga! I like it. I can't wait to new season.
fas United Kingdom, 15:09 Jun 29 2014.
Whtz gonna happen bou Sheldon man?

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