813 'The Anxiety Optimization' Pictures Posted January 28, 2015

Photos from tomorrow's new episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Anxiety Optimization", have been added to our gallery. In the episode, Sheldon worries that his comfortable lifestyle is holding him back from achieving scientific greatness, so he asks his friends to make him miserable and anxious in a bid to up his game. Meanwhile, Howard creates an embarassing game about Raj.

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'The Anxiety Optimization' - Season 8, Episode 13
Airs January 29, 2015 at 8/7c on CBS.

When Sheldon decides his comfortable lifestyle may be holding back his scientific progress, he asks his threads to irritate and annoy him to improve his work. Meanwhile, Howard embarrasses Raj by creating a new game, 'Emily or Cinnamon?'.

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autumn welbourne Canada, 17:22 Feb 6 2015.
what ever happened to amy and wolowitz going to see neil diamond? they should plan a trip and maybe something happen so they cant go to the concert and have to come home
commeneter China, 11:28 Jan 30 2015.
I have a comment What was once a kind hesrtrd imnocent show has become an offensive medium for denigratimg ethnics. As rhe only non Caucasian main character Raj Koothrapalii has become the show s core whipping boy and butt of nothing more than mean spirited nasty jokes that mock his manhood. Yes the othrrs occaisionally have jokes sent theror way but are done the course of achieving or doing sth admiranle. Raj is the only character whose achievements and behaviours are roundly mocked by the other characters withiout an admission that overall he is respected. Even though he has been givrn a female partner the jokes related to that always imply that he s actially mot a man or manly eniough to be worthy of his Western girlfriend. The stereotypical denigrating and mocking of the Asian msle is clearly on display is all it s offensive colours. It s a pity that a show that touts the integrity of the sciiences as one of its qualities is not above such a disgrace
Judy N United States, 17:33 Jan 29 2015.
I am posting my vote today: David Tutera will make his sitcom debut as the wedding planner for Leonard and Penny's wedding! Why because despite how she feels about Leonard, his mother would only want the best for his wedding and David Tutera is the best!!

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