CBS Announces TBBT's Eighth Season Finale Posted April 17, 2015

CBS Announces TBBT's Eighth Season Finale

CBS has revealed the storyline for the eighth season finale of The Big Bang Theory, airing Thursday, May 7. The network released the title and synopsis for the twenty-fourth episode of the season, "The Commitment Determination".

“The Commitment Determination” – Sheldon (Jim Parsons) pushes Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting) to choose a date for their wedding and deals with dramatic changes in his own relationship with Amy (Mayim Bialik).

The Big Bang Theory is already renewed for its ninth and tenth season as part of three-season deal signed last year. The ninth season will begin this fall on CBS.

Comments (13)

Mike South Africa, 09:20 May 3 2015.
The best news! So happy to hear that there are more seasons of filming to come, but only three?! C'mon please, please let TBBT keep going forever! This show brightens our home and is the family viewing event of the week! Thank you to cast and crew for the fun and laughter!
Hans Bosman (bossa) Netherlands, 05:08 Apr 27 2015.
idea for a new episode : The Inspiration Algorithm Wolowitz uses the Labview Platform Software for his work. When Sheldon sees this graphical way of programming, he finds this a "boring tool voor novice toddlers". But secretly Sheldon developed a Labview application for monitoring and checking a lot of contract issues like bathroom use, changes of passwords, etc. So he has more time for adding more issues to the contract. This application doesn't show that it was build in Labview, but Penny finds this out by accident, whe Sheldon left his computer a few moments unattended. She even tells an improvement for this application. It's all about inspiration. Hans
Road Warrior Crocodile Canada, 05:59 Apr 24 2015.
No Avengers Age of Ultron references? The opening episode of the 9th season should have the TBBT gang at Comi-con as the Avengers: Howard = Iron Man, Leonard = Captain America, Ra = Thor, Sheldon = Hulk, Penny = Black Widow.
sladenoddy United Kingdom, 16:50 Apr 23 2015.
Id rather Kayley had married Johnnie Galecki than ryan sweating there was much better chemistry between them than between Kayley and sweating
nick middleton United Kingdom, 13:43 Apr 20 2015.
Sheldon said "over and out to Howard" when howard was in space every one that was incorrect as when talking over a direct radio chanel "the turm "over" means its the person your talking too time to talk the turm "out"means end of conversation you can't put both togeathet as that means "its your turn to talk then goodbye" and shut down the link. he should know that as Sheldon knows everything like things like that. best nick
susyal Argentina, 09:47 Apr 20 2015.
I love TBBT since the Pilot. I love Leonard and Penny, but SHAMY is my favorite!
Rachel Heller United States, 22:31 Apr 17 2015.
This season finale sounds great. Shamy and a possible wedding date. TBBT Rules.
Rojan Dalangin Philippines, 22:19 Apr 17 2015.
His pants and shoes suits him well.
Kellie United States, 20:34 Apr 17 2015.
Best ever show all seasons....
TheMajor United States, 19:47 Apr 17 2015.
Really like the direction the writers have taken Penny this season. It reminds us that sometimes in life what we think we want is not what we really want

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