CBS announces premiere date for Season 9 Posted June 9, 2015

CBS announces premiere date for Season 9

CBS became the first network to announce their 2015 fall premiere dates today, announcing that The Big Bang Theory will return for its ninth season on Monday, September 21 at 8/7c. For the first time since the sixth season premiere in 2012, the show will return with a half-hour premiere rather than a double bill of episodes.

With Thursday Night Football comandeering the Thursday night line-up, The Big Bang Theory will temporarily air on Mondays at 8/7c again this season. The show is set to move back to Thursday nights on November 5, a week later than last year. Airing out of The Big Bang Theory at 8:30 on Mondays and following it back to Thursday nights is the new sitcom Life in Pieces. When the Thursday night comedy block returns, Chuck Lorre's Mom will air at 9/8c before new sitcom Angel from Hell.

CBS's much anticipated sci-fi series Supergirl will premire on Monday, October 26 following a new episode of The Big Bang Theory. The superhero series will take the Mondays 8/7c slot when The Big Bang Theory returns to Thursday. 

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RajEm Rule! United States, 03:47 Aug 17 2015.
This picture is so wrong! Emily should be there HOLDING Cinnamon with Raj! They haven't broken up yet! Emily is a sexy and beautiful redhead! The show needs one!
Phlan-Michelle Australia, 02:12 Aug 16 2015.
When will it be shown in Australia?
Carlos  United States, 17:09 Jul 31 2015.
I love the entire cast.I have all your dvd and follow you guys on showbox.but did you cut your hair penny?I still think you are beautiful anyway.
Edwardo United States, 21:22 Jul 20 2015.
The Big Bang Theory TV Show is becoming a redention of the TV show 'Friends' with a scientific story baseline. All the males and females have formed permanent sexual bonds of one sort or another and thus the show is slated to be nothing more than any other male-female Sitcom. Instead of keeping the show 'special' the writers and creator have succumbed to the ineviatble tried and true TV formula of conformity and predictableness. Penny's character never should have been given the Phmaracy Sales job, a TV reporter would have had greater possibility while giving her a break into the TV field. More value could have been gained by exposure to the other eccentric tenants of the apartment complex. That damn elevator needs to get fixed too. In Season 8 the tv series 'Big Bang Theory' jumped the shark as the saying goes.
Vinod kumar United States, 14:30 Jul 11 2015.
I jus love the show, desperately waiting for the 9th season. Can't wait to see Sheldon proposing Amy. And Penny getting married to Leonard (finally). And Kunal ur too gud bro (Is bandi ko hath se na jane dena)
Beverly Belmont  United States, 13:25 Jul 11 2015.
The actors talent and timing is supreme!
Beverly Belmont  United States, 12:27 Jul 11 2015.
Hello* I do love the show! I hope they will reveal Penny's last name when they write out the wedding invitations for Penny and Leonard! Sort of like knowing our favourite actresses and singer/musicians such as Madonna or Cher in actuality have last names! These golden writers could come up with something fabulous!
Beverly Belmont  United States, 11:38 Jul 11 2015.
Hi! I wish the show was on Mondays all season! I think it would be a more popular night! I often forget the show is on Thursday evenings despite writing it in my calendar weekly! And then it's a repeat at times. Maybe that sells more DVDs I don't know. Anyway, I had a dream I was in an elevator with Sheldon and Leonard. They had on long blonde wigs. My hair is long blonde and their wigs looked like Penny's hair! I complimented them and Leonard was embarrassed about it all. I called him shy. I also have a compulsive saying as compared to Sheldon's knocking three times along with saying Penny with each knock when at Penny's door. I say "See..., Yes, you see!" after any given explanation to anyone. It can be a challenge to say 'Yes, you see' when someone doesn't understand something I'm explaining, but I HAVE to say it!?! Just like Sheldon. My husband and I LOVE the show! The wittiness is pristine!
Betty Long United Kingdom, 11:09 Jul 9 2015.
When will we see season 9 in UK?
Robyn Canada, 19:07 Jul 6 2015.
Can't wait misses the new episodes!!

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