The Big Bang Theory Season 9 teaser Posted August 10, 2015

The Big Bang Theory Season 9 teaser

At its Television Critics Association press stop today, CBS gave a glimpse of what's coming up on the season premieres of their shows, including The Big Bang Theory.

COMING UP: Brilliant Sheldon is confronted by a mystery of the universe he cannot unravel: when a woman wants time apart to think, exactly how much time does that mean, and is there any way to hurry the process along? In Las Vegas, Penny and Leonard march closer to marching down the aisle, but has Penny gotten over Leonard’s infidelity? And if so, will he do anything to un-get her over it?

The Big Bang Theory returns for its ninth season on Monday, September 21 at 8/7c on CBS. As it did last year, The Big Bang Theory will start the season on Mondays at 8/7c to make room for Thursday Night Football. The show will jump back to its regular time period on Thursday, November 5.

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Mary linton United Kingdom, 13:11 Sep 9 2015.
The Big Bang Theory has brought hours of hilarious witty enjoyment to my aged husband and aged self. We were so down recently and the laughs from this brilliant comedy has been a God send to us. Brilliant acting from cast. Parsons is utterly brilliant. Thanks so much
Mandvi Saxena India, 17:30 Sep 1 2015.
The show is losing its touch....its USP was the nerdy stuff those four guys its all about relationships....we started loving this show because of those 4 nerds all the sciencey stuff,comic books,comic con stories isnt really TBBT genre....its getting a bit boring....the writers are destroying the essence of the show just to increase viewership....i really found some of the season 8 episodes boring....Its a show about nerds...and thier lifestyle...thier choices...u cant save it by giving Penny new hairstyles....Penny shudnt even be the centre of feels the story is going around her...while it should have been about those 4 nerds...there are many pretty faces in other sitcoms...U cant just base a show like TBBT on a pretty previous seasons it felt like there was a reason for Penny to be on the show...because she was completely the opposite of these 4 nerds...she was important to balance the nerdiness,but now she has a job....suddenly she's so successful and making more money...while previously she was just a mediocre in life...a struggling actress.....this show is making no sense anymore...Adding characters like Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch was pure genius...because they had a resemblance to the show.They both increased the charm of the show and didnt steal its essense..But now giving Kaley's character Penny all the attention..It seriously makes no sense...there may be a slight increase in viewership now...but they are killing the franchise of TBBT...they are forgetting thier target audience are people with brains...they wont be associated to the show long if they make it a chick flick. Penny's character was there to balance the nerdiness...She was portrayed as a street smart,struggling actress...Now suddenly in season 8 everything is about Penny...She's successful...makes more money...I dont know what heck are these writers thinking.I loved the previous seasons.The show was all about scientists and thier nerdy stuff ,but now its all about a blonde chick Penny.We started loving this show because of its creative writing and its extraordinary idea abt how they made nerdy and sciencey stuff fun....not because it has a hot blonde on the show.
joe m United States, 16:27 Aug 20 2015.
Lenard and penny better get married soon, viewers aren't goeing to wait for season 10. Sheldon and amy should get engaged, so he will learn what hell is really like., I would really like to see Lenard win a nobel prize this season, I would love to watch the turmoil with Sheldon when he doesn't win, it would be beyond great, better than anything yet. please, please,please, have Lenard any jpenny get married on the first episode or the second.
Sonali India, 15:05 Aug 19 2015.
Big Fan of Big Bang Theory. Really looking forward for season 9....Hoping to welcome this season with a big bang :)
David Norway, 17:15 Aug 16 2015.
finally, we all know now the other name of penny. That's not it writers. Remember leonard's dream has not yet fulfilled. it will be fulfilled when he gets child/children with his current wife. remember what Leonard quoted on first episode: OUR BABIES WILL BE SMART AND BEAUTIFUL. so his dream must be fufilled.
Ravija Srivastava India, 22:05 Aug 14 2015.
Yes more acheivements on the science front for Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Amy. Also scientific breakthroughs leading to awards not just any accomplishment. Maybe some problems currently being probed by scientists across the world and not yet solved.
Sonu United States, 04:51 Aug 13 2015.
I want sheldon and leonard to get nobel prize in physics.
Donna United States, 00:03 Aug 13 2015.
I have every season of Big Bang and cannot sleep without putting it in my dvd player.
susanna India, 21:49 Aug 12 2015.
Eagerly waiting...hope September comes soon...
Charlotte  United Kingdom, 03:23 Aug 12 2015.
Can't wait, although England don't get it broadcasted the same time a America so I'll have to wait longer

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