The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Spoilers Posted August 21, 2015

The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Spoilers

Laurie Metcalf and Keith Carradine will be guest starring in upcoming episodes of The Big Bang Theory, according to's Spoiler Room.

Laurie Metcalf, who plays Mary Cooper, last appeared in the penultimate episode of Season 8, "The Maternal Combustion". The actress, best known for her role as Jackie Harris on the long-running sitcom Roseanne, has so far appeared in seven episodes as Sheldon's devout Texan mother since the show's first season.

Keith Carradine is also set to reprise his role as Penny's father, Wyatt, in an upcoming Season 9 episode. The Nashville and Madam Secretary actor appeared in the fourth season episode "The Boyfriend Complexity", back when Leonard and Penny were broken up.

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Ncrdbl1 United States, 08:09 Oct 27 2015.
Have a hard time wondering why so many are complaining about the characters maturing and growing. Peter Pan is not a cast member so they must grow. Think the series is taking the proper direction with character development. The Penny character is now into her 30s and she cannot continue on going from boy friend to boy friend one night stand to one night stand. People in real life grow and mature and it is time the characters did the same. I believe you have done a good job in showing just that.
Vinay kumar India, 10:07 Sep 3 2015.
We sure miss Sheldon's knowledge nuggets & facts these days.
Mandvi Saxena India, 17:41 Sep 1 2015.
The show is losing its touch....its USP was the nerdy stuff those four guys its all about relationships....we started loving this show because of those 4 nerds all the sciencey stuff,comic books,comic con stories isnt really TBBT genre....its getting a bit boring....the writers are destroying the essence of the show just to increase viewership....i really found some of the season 8 episodes boring....Its a show about nerds...and thier lifestyle...thier choices...u cant save it by giving Penny new hairstyles....Penny shudnt even be the centre of feels the story is going around her...while it should have been about those 4 nerds...there are many pretty faces in other sitcoms...U cant just base a show like TBBT on a pretty previous seasons it felt like there was a reason for Penny to be on the show...because she was completely the opposite of these 4 nerds...she was important to balance the nerdiness,but now she has a job....suddenly she's so successful and making more money...while previously she was just a mediocre in life...a struggling actress.....this show is making no sense anymore...Adding characters like Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch was pure genius...because they had a resemblance to the show.They both increased the charm of the show and didnt steal its essense..But now giving Kaley's character Penny all the attention..It seriously makes no sense...there may be a slight increase in viewership now...but they are killing the franchise of TBBT...they are forgetting thier target audience are people with brains...they wont be associated to the show long if they make it a chick flick. Penny's character was there to balance the nerdiness...She was portrayed as a street smart,struggling actress...Now suddenly in season 8 everything is about Penny...She's successful...makes more money...I dont know what heck are these writers thinking.I loved the previous seasons.The show was all about scientists and thier nerdy stuff ,but now its all about a blonde chick Penny.We started loving this show because of its creative writing and its extraordinary idea abt how they made nerdy and sciencey stuff fun....not because it has a hot blonde on the show.
derek young  Canada, 20:37 Aug 23 2015.
Me and my partner have been watching Your show since day one, we watch you Because your show , shows us that no matter what to be yourself, We always have date night on Thursday and has been ever since we met. Thank you for keeping us smile

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