901 'The Matrimonial Momentum' Pictures Posted August 26, 2015

We have added pictures from The Big Bang Theory's ninth season premiere, "The Matrimonial Momentum", to our gallery.

In the episode, Leonard and Penny deal with the ramifications of Leonard's surprise confession as they head to Vegas to get married. Meanwhile, Sheldon isn't sure what to do when Amy calls for a pause in their relationship.

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The Big Bang Theory's ninth season premiere airs Monday, September 21 at 8/7c on CBS. The show is starting its ninth season on Monday nights before it returns to its regular Thursday home on November 5.

Comments (8)

big joe United States, 15:58 Sep 28 2015.
I really disagree with mandvi saxena from whatever country he or she is from, as a fan who has watched every episode since the pilot, the show is just where it should be. it 9 years old for gods sake, it had to grow and mature unlike you, and the show is just as funny as it ever was. if you wfant stupidy watch just offs the boat, that's where you belong anyway. people, grow up , the show had to mature, Sheldon is better than he ever was, and I hated Sheldon in the early episodes, there are a lot of funny story's to come with the " dumb blond" and her new husband, so either watch this great show, or go somewhere else, please
as Hungary, 01:41 Sep 22 2015.
Holy crap..all the whining...no story just whining, no humor just meaningless laughter and whining.
eponymous Greece, 10:08 Sep 7 2015.
I agree with Mandvi, the show lost all its nerdy humour, but not because of Penny. It's simply the bad writing that turned it into a sitcom about relationships. And don't worry Kunal is not leaving. He signed a new contract months ago..
Mandvi Saxena India, 16:37 Sep 1 2015.
I really miss the previous seasons.This show was all abt nerds,genius scientists and thier life choices,but now its all about a blonde chick Penny.We started loving this show because of its creative writing and its extraordinary idea abt how they made nerdy and sciencey stuff fun....not because it has a hot blonde on the show.Its target audience are people with brains....they wont stay with the show if these writers make it a chick flick.
Mandvi Saxena India, 13:02 Aug 30 2015.
Bill Prady and Chuck Loore...There were some articles about sacking Kunal Nayar from TBBT due to some salary discrepancy issues...TBBT is huge in India because of Kunal Nayar...so this would be a really impractical step losing a huge fan base.
Cynful United States, 23:44 Aug 28 2015.
I enjoy the whole show. What a wonderful ensemble cast. As well as the active series, I watch reruns on TV, the dvd seasons. Especially love episodes and scenes with Mayim Bialik and Kevin Sussman. I really enjoy the humanity that "Amy" brings to Sheldon's life and love poor underdog Stuart. Rooting to see more of Stuart!!!!
no longer a fan Canada, 23:51 Aug 27 2015.
sorry just watched a commercial by the actress who plays Penny about cruelty to animals-she specifically mentions the Canadian seal hunt-I disagree with her opinion and will not support your program anymore-too bad
Noeltorious Ireland, 09:25 Aug 27 2015.
does penny have a second name ? an does she have anything to eat in her apartment than spaghetti

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