916 'The Positive Negative Reaction' Pictures Posted February 18, 2016

We have added pictures from tonight's new episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Positive Negative Reaction", to our gallery. In the episode, the gang celebrates the news that Bernadette is pregnant with a round of karaoke. Meanwhile, Bernadette is concerned when Howard freaks out about the pregnancy after realizing he must make more money to take care of a family. 

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'The Positive Negative Reaction' - Season 9, Episode 16
Airs February 18, 2016 at 8/7c on CBS.

When the gang finds out about Bernadette's pregnancy, they celebrate by singing karaoke. Also, Bernadette is concerned when Wolowitz freaks out over her pregnancy announcement, and Wolowitz is convinced he must make more money to provide for the baby.

Comments (10)

Ken United States, 07:30 Mar 15 2016.
They should book Brian May in an episode or two.
mario United States, 12:08 Feb 28 2016.
Agree that the intimacy factor has been taken out of the Penny/Leonard marriage. They were more intimate when they were dating. A prime example was when they were talking about having children. This should have been an intimate moment but instead they glossed it over with a joke
ILON  Brazil, 09:40 Feb 28 2016.
big joe United States, 15:43 Feb 27 2016.
question; what happened to penny? true she is not 22 any more and has matured with the show, now one expects her to wear those halter tops anymore (except me) but come on most of the time homless bag ladies look better than her. all those moo moo tops and hair that looks like she just got upand cant find a brush. kaley is a beautiful woman, why do you make her up like a shapeless ugly beauty school drop out bum?
big joe United States, 16:22 Feb 22 2016.
all you 4th graders out there have a right to your own views, but sadly your wrong. the show is getting better and better with each new episode,. the show is nine years old it has to grow and mature or it might as wekk be a saturdat morning cartoon. keep it up tbbt, we grown ups are injoying the way your going and I do believe if you do the show will be picked up again.
Derrick Braithwaite-Mais Canada, 12:54 Feb 22 2016.
Ya that makes a show more interesting, at times its for the good just make things happen and whenever the show is going to end it will end with a big bang theory the way it suppose to.
UncleBob Hungary, 14:57 Feb 21 2016.
I've been a die hard fan of this show since the first episode came out and I have to say that the last couple of episodes jumped the shark for me. Sheldon and Amy having it off, now Bernie and Howard expecting a baby (this one completely out of the blue, done with a throwaway line...) I can see that the entire next season will be about the kid and that's when it's gonna go downhill even faster than it is going now. Maybe the rumors about the show ending were not false and I for one at this point wouldn't really mind if it ended soon... This is no longer the show I used to like.
Ravishankar India, 11:04 Feb 21 2016.
The show is getting more emotional than with every episode. The funny portions are coming down.. and the quirkiness is disappearing fast..
Jude Canada, 20:17 Feb 18 2016.
Bringing a baby onto a hit sitcom is instant death for the show.
Ramiro Ramos  United States, 15:28 Feb 18 2016.
I think that Raj needs to have a steady girlfriend already because he has been single for to long, that's getting old.

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