CBS announces its 2016/17 line-up Posted May 19, 2016

CBS announces its 2016/17 line-up

Announcing its 2016/17 primetime line-up in New York yesterday, CBS revealed The Big Bang Theory will again start the season on Monday nights with the show's regular time period temporarily filled by Thursday Night Football. The Big Bang Theory will move back to Thursday nights from October 27.

CBS will expand its Monday night comedy block to two-hours with new sitcoms starring Kevin James and Matt LeBlanc. The Big Bang Theory will temporarily air Mondays at 8/7c and will be followed at 8:30/7:30c by Kevin Can Wait, a new comedy with the star of The King of Queens, Kevin James. Returning sitcoms 2 Broke Girls and The Odd Couple will air at 9/8c and 9:30/8:30c, respectively. Drama series Scorpion finishes off the night at 10/9c.

When The Big Bang Theory moves back to Thursday nights, Kevin Can Wait will take the 8/7c slot on Mondays and will be followed by new sitcom Man with a Plan, starring Friends star Matt LeBlanc.

After CBS's run of Thursday Night Football games ends the network's two-hour Thursday night comedy block will return on October 27. The Big Bang Theory will again kick off the night at 8/7c followed by new sitcom The Great Indoors, which stars Joel McHale (Community). Chuck Lorre's Mom retains the 9/8c slot and will be followed by returning sitcom Life in Pieces. New drama series Pure Genius airs at 10/9c.

The Big Bang Theory was renewed for its tenth season as part of a three-season deal struck in 2014. The show has not yet been renewed past this tenth season.

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Comments (11)

Kathy United States, 09:01 Oct 12 2016.
My husband and I watch Big Bang every night before we go to bed. I have my 82 year old father in law watching Big Bang everyday. Then we discuss the show over dinner. This is a family show it is fantastic. With how the world is going these days you have to have something you can laugh about. please keep the show going.
Ed Updike United States, 20:53 Aug 13 2016.
I have watched from day one and love your show but, there is always a but. While filming the last season please have Sheldon run over by a Zamboni. He has now become bothersome. Thank you.
Mario D. United States, 12:15 Jul 23 2016.
Great news to hear that Katey Sagal will be playing Penny's mom and Jack McBrayer will play her brother. Now that all the cast is set hopefully we will not see an impromptu wedding but a warm ceremony that Penny/Leonard fans after waiting 10 years to see deserve.
Mario D. United States, 16:23 Jul 5 2016.
Have read in recent days that the cast will begin to negotiate renewal of their contracts. As many know their contracts will expire after season 10. So, going by this info if they are negotiating for renewal that must mean that they have already renewed BBT for season 11 or beyond. This certainly looks like a good sign
Mario D. United States, 12:22 Jun 13 2016.
Just read an article that suggests Penny and Leonard will leave the show after season 10 when their contracts are up. That goes against Kaley Cuoco statement on IG that she is staying until the end. And I would believe Johnny Galecki will stay as well. Hopefully they announce a renewal shortly.
Mario D. United States, 16:04 Jun 9 2016.
Are there any nominations for who will play Penny's mother? My favorites are: Lisa Kudrow (maybe a little too young), Gail O'Grady, Jean Smart, Katey Sagal
Mario D. United States, 15:55 Jun 9 2016.
As someone commented previously that negotiations are in progress for a renewal of up to three yrs, I hope they would announce it soon. Maybe at the summer press tour I cannot conceive that Warner Bros and CBS will not come to an agreement, for as big joe mentioned this is the number one rated comedy on tv and has worldwide appeal I do not believe that the actors contracts will become an obstacle either.
Warren Day United States, 01:51 Jun 8 2016.
Great show, the cast has grown up with us. Friends grow up; marriage,children, family, work, purchasing a home. It would be great to see Amy and Sheldon tie the knot and find a new apartment. Leonard and Penny move to a house. Raj and Steward move into Leonard and Sheldon's apt. The new hot girl that moves into Penny's old place is Amanda Bynes. Just an idea to end the show.
big joe United States, 14:39 Jun 3 2016.
this show of the many sitcoms on all networks truly deserves to be picked up for alt least 3 more years. it is cbs top rated comedy and second only to ncis in national polls. in my opinion cbs would be truly stupid not to pick up this show no matter the cost.
Karen Quinton United States, 01:06 May 24 2016.
I L%uD83D%uDC9CVE The Big Bang Theory! I am disabled w chronic migraines & need to end my day w laughs to help not wake up sick. So BBT & reruns are how I accomplish my goal! But I want to know, when are we going to learn the secrets of Howard's Alien pins that he wears every ever week! I loved Penny's sing song dialogue offset with Leonard's & Sheldon's combined deadpan seriousness in agreement for once was THE PERFECT Season Finale! I bet I rewound & watched it 10 times! I love every single character in the show but don't hv time or room or stamina right now to name everyone. So, Everyone there, Keep Calm, and Keep "Banging!" (That wasn't supposed to be as suggestive as it sounds!) Sincerely, Karen Quinton 972-849-5274,

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