Katey Sagal, Jack McBrayer to guest star Posted July 23, 2016

Katey Sagal, Jack McBrayer to guest star

Katey Sagal and Jack McBrayer will be guest starring in the tenth season premiere of The Big Bang Theory, the show's writers revealed Friday during their Comic-Con panel. The pair will be playing Penny's mother and brother who are in town to attend her do-over wedding ceremony with Leonard.

Katey Sagal, known for her roles on Married with Children and Sons of Anarchy, previously played Kaley Cuoco's on-screen mother in the 2002-2005 sitcom 8 Simple Rules, which also starred John Ritter until his untimely death in 2003. On The Big Bang Theory, Katey Sagal will be playing Susan, Penny's overstressed and neurotic mother whose main source of frustration is her son.

Jack McBrayer, best known for his role as the super friendly and optimistic Kenneth Purcell on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock, will be playing the role of Randall, Penny's previously mentioned brother who has spent time in and out of prison on drug charges.

Keith Carradine will be reprising his role as Penny's father, Wyatt, who we first met in the fourth season of the show and more recently appeared in a ninth season episode.

The Big Bang Theory's tenth season will premiere Monday, September 19 on CBS.

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Roland Nuyens Belgium, 04:01 Oct 9 2016.
Does Simon Helberg always eats mouth open or is part of the character ?
Brian United Kingdom, 17:18 Aug 22 2016.
Like any avid TBBT fan I watch episodes over and over. It isn't easy to pick out a favourite but the one where Sheldon and Amy finally get it together is top of my list. Sheldon enjoyed it "more than I thought I would" but Amy - well.....
mario United States, 12:19 Aug 21 2016.
Stacy Neel As a veteran myself, my thoughts and prayers are with you. It is truly remarkable that a tv show like BBT can transcend entertainment and bring so much joy to people This seems to be a result of a great cast and crew to care about what they are doing. I have just recently read where the cast made a public address video where they made awareness of teen deaths after a 17 yr old girl who was a big fan of the show died
big joe United States, 14:06 Aug 18 2016.
to stacy neel, may god bless you and your husband, and send you healing and hope and of course peace.
LorneShand35 Canada, 13:58 Aug 3 2016.
I would like to see Penelope Garcia, as Melissa Rauch aunt. #MelissaRauch #PenelopeGarcia #CriminalMinds #TheBigBangTheory #CBS
Stacy Neel United States, 01:46 Jul 30 2016.
I am not sure how to get a message to anyone working on or with TBBT, but I wish I could let them know how much this show means to my husband and I. My husband is a disabled veteran and had been on bed rest for several months while waiting on the VA to approve two essential surgeries. We only watch DVDs at our house and have all eight seasons available. We can't wait until September for the ninth to come out! Anyhow, we watch this show together every night. In spite of seeing every episode so many times we still laugh. It has brought so many smiles to my husband even though he is in tremendous pain. He finally had one of the surgeries just over a week ago and is on his third time through all eight seasons. This show has helped him to keep his chin up through hard times and keep his mind off of the pain. To us this show is much more than entertainment, it provides a way to cope and think positive and help us through each day. We have facial expressions memorized and see always quoting lines from TBBT. My husband plays this at night as he often can't sleep. As a result of us watching this show so much and being so familiar with it I will laugh in my sleep while it is going. This brings even more joy to my hurting husband. I just wish that I could express my thanks in some small way some how to the wonderful people that make this show happen. Thank you so much for making our lives better.

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