The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Spoilers Posted August 10, 2016

The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Spoilers

With the first taping for The Big Bang Theory's tenth season less than a week away, spoilers of what we can expect from the show's upcoming season have been leaking out.

Promoting its shows at the summer Television Critics Association press tour, CBS today released a synopsis for The Big Bang Theory's tenth season premiere.

In the season premiere, after Sheldon's mother and Leonard's father share an evening together, everyone deals with an awkward morning the following day. Also, Penny's family arrives for the ceremony, including her anxiety-ridden mother, Susan (guest star Katey Sagal), and her drug dealing brother, Randall (guest star Jack McBrayer).

Meanwhile, has exclusively reported that Breaking Bad actor Dean Norris will have a multi-episode arc in the tenth season. The actor will be playing an Air Force representative who contacts the guys about their quantum gyroscope, a storyline set up in the ninth season. The actor will be appearing in the first three episodes of the new season.

Also, responding to questions about The Big Bang Theory's future past this tenth season - the last season contracted at the moment - CBS's Glenn Geller told reporters he was "very confident that everyone involved wants more Big Bang past year 10".

The Big Bang Theory returns with its tenth season premiere on Monday, September 19 at 8/7c on CBS. As it has for the past couple of years, The Big Bang Theory starts the season on Monday nights to make room for Thursday Night Football. The show will return to its regular Thursday at 8/7c time period on October 27.

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Ncrdbl1 United States, 19:57 Aug 23 2016.
Bad casting. Katey Sagal as Penny's mom. Penny does not measure up to her mom in certain areas.
Carol Lawrie Canada, 18:32 Aug 23 2016.
I enjoy and look forward to each episode that comes on our satellite system. I hope and pray that you will again extend your season 10 to 11, 12 etc Funniest sitcom I have seen in a very long time :)
Kathy Bishop United States, 14:05 Aug 15 2016.
This is for Kaley-You really need to do some research on PETA to find out what is their real agenda. As an animal lover and supporter of animal causes for the last 45 years, PETA is NOT an organization I would ever endorse. None of the millions they collect goes to animal welfare. Do your homework Kaley or I will get all my animal lover friends to quit watching your show.
Ramtin Germany, 09:12 Aug 13 2016.
please Don't finish this series i addicted to this!! i beg u :'( this series is so cool!!! i love u guys!
BAZINGAWIZ United Kingdom, 06:54 Aug 13 2016.
Is that a typo sheldons fathers dead

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