Weekly Ratings Round-up (Week 3) Posted October 10, 2016

Weekly Ratings Round-up (Week 3)

Every week on our The Big Bang Theory forums, Rick K. brings together various ratings for The Big Bang Theory on network TV and in syndication. Head over to our forum to read the full roundup for the second week of the new TV season.

This week's round-up includes the overnight and final ratings for the last week's episode, "The Dependence Transcendence", the Live+7 ratings for the tenth season premiere, "The Conjucal Conjecture", the weekly rankings for the week in which "The Military Miniaturization" aired, the syndicated ratings for the first week of the new TV season, and an overview of the advertising rates on TV this year.

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big joe United States, 14:51 Oct 22 2016.
its the best season yet, their not splitting up the ensemble, their creating new and better story lines, you are free to your opion but as far as I'm concerned about your comment, is that you should probably move to Canada, please
Pete United States, 20:26 Oct 18 2016.
I was wondering the same thing. Why is there no interaction-so far-between the ensemble I.e 2 separate story lines
jean United States, 12:48 Oct 18 2016.
Yoko, why are you splitting up the ensemble. This season lacks the sharpness, the comraderie and the intelligence level of past seasons. New format does not work, are you trying to get cancelled ? Only Wedding episodes worth watching so far this season.

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