The Big Bang Theory prequel in development Posted November 7, 2016

The Big Bang Theory prequel in development

A The Big Bang Theory spin-off centered on the early life of Sheldon Cooper is reportedly in the very early stages of development, according to Variety. The report indicates that a show focusing on the physicist's upbringing in Texas is nearing a script deal with The Big Bang Theory showrunner Steve Molaro set to write the script.

Jim Parsons is signed to the project as an executive producer with The Big Bang Theory co-creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre and Steve Molaro. Co-creator and executive producer Bill Prady would also be expected to join the project, Variety reports.

The Big Bang Theory, now in its tenth season on CBS, has not yet been renewed past the current season. Press reports indicate contract renewal negotiations are ongoing with the show's cast, while CBS and Warner Bros. are expected to work on a new deal for the show soon.

With costs for the original series likely to rise further, a spin-off could help Warner Bros. and CBS further capitalize on The Big Bang Theory's popularity. The project is in the very early stages and there is no certainty it will lead to a spin-off series.

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Mario D. United States, 12:10 Dec 8 2016.
I do not totally disagree with you Big Joe, but what I meant was a show just with Sheldon as an annoying teen would make it. Many fans of TBBT like you and me would probably not tune in to this show. Bearing that in mind, I have read recently that due to all the projects that Jim Parsons is involved with he may not be back on a full time basis at TBBT. So, I guess you can read into that what you will. Btw, maybe you would know: has it ever been mentioned what school Sheldon attended?
big joe  United States, 16:24 Dec 6 2016.
sorry Mario, for the first time I disagree with you. I was hoping that Sheldon was getting better and he was in a few shows but after the sharing show it showed me that he id still a selfish, obnoxious, annoying, butt head. I would like to see an spin off with Sheldon and anyone else, and get rid of him on the tbbt show altogether. then I can enjoy the show again, you wouldn't believe how many times I use my dvr fast forward button on the show because I cant stand the character of Sheldon. so get rid of him and give his own show and kill him off the tbbt and it would be a much better show and just as funny without the crap Sheldon pulls all the time and the rest of the cast goes along with him because he's a big baby. someone should slap him upside the head and tell to grow up or go away. sorry mario
Phyllis M United States, 10:12 Nov 24 2016.
Of course, now that I am hooked on it they are going to cancel it. Nooooooooo. Every show I've gotten hooked on has been cancelled. Castle, Forever, on and on. Oh well I still have NCIS trilogy
Commenter#0000000689 United States, 15:38 Nov 8 2016.
I think the Big Bang theory is super cool interesting and funny at the same time super interesting cool show
mario United States, 17:36 Nov 7 2016.
Knowing that Sheldon is the catalyst for TBBT situations I don't think a spin-off with this sole character will fly. Thought a better spin-off idea would be a Shamy- Lenny concept where the two couples live in the same building or get houses next door to each other with their families.

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